Khataron Ke Khiladi 1st August 2021 Written Update: Arjun uses the k medal.

Khataron Ke Khiladi 1st August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with the special people forcefully dragging contestants. Arjun makes fun of contestants, show and teases everything making everyone laugh. He then teases Rohit when Rohit appears at his back. Rohit says that it’s unfair that there are tortured before stunt in the last episode and so says that in today’s stunts they are going to get tortured during the stunt itself. He also says there will be a twist which will be said in the middle of the stunt. The stunt will be performed by fear funda contestants.

Rohit explains the first stunt for the day. A net will be placed in the middle with six locks attached to it. Two other nets will be present on the either side of the lock net where 5 keys will be hanging at the end of the rods in each net. The stunt is a partner stunt where the contestants will be tied with a bungee rope long enough to reach only one key net and the lock net. Only one contestant at a time can reach and pick the key from the next.

Out of the 10 keys six keys will be able to open the lock. The torture is current will pass through the rods in which the key is placed. After opening all the locks a blade will be present and the contestant must reach the blade and together cut the bungee rope. A car key will be present at the top and the contestant must pick it and rush to the car near by. They must reach the finish line by moving backwards to complete the stunts. The team who finishes it with less time will be termed as winner.

The contestants selected for the stunt are Vishal and Rahul team and Arjun and Aastha team. Vishal and Rahul performs it first while Arjun and Aastha should not watch them performing. Vishal collects one key and opens a lock when Rohit revealed the twist that the current will pass through the locks net too shocking everyone. They starts performing the stunt with difficulty. However they successfully complete the stunt. Next Arjun and Mahek performs the stunt but the couldn’t open even one lock and ends giving up. They aborted the stunt. Rohit announces that Vishal and Rahul are the winners who completed it in 12 minutes and 47 seconds and gets relieved of their fear funda. Arjun and Mahek aborted the stunt and retained their fear funda.

Rohit announces the next stunt for the day. The contestant will be present in a container where ice will be placed inside it. Water pipes will be present above the container and cold water will be splashed on the contestant. The contestant must stop the pipes by searching water caps inside the ice and closing it. The time limit for the stunt is 6 minutes. The remaining fear funda contestant Aastha and Anushka are selected for the stunt. Aastha performs first while Anushka is asked to not see the stunt. Aastha performs the stunt and in between Rohit reveals the twist that the contestant has to wear dark glasses and perform the stunt. Aastha successfully completes the stunt. Next Anushka performs the stunt but couldn’t handle anymore and aborts the stunt. Rohit announces Aastha as the winner and gets relieved of fear funda while Anushka joins Arjun and Mahek in the elimination stunt.

Rohit announces the elimination stunt for Arjun, Mahek and Anushka. The contestant have to crawl in a tunnel with 5 compartments. Each compartment has various creatures and the contestant has to find the keys for each compartment to go to the other compartment. Rohit asks Arjun if he would exchange his k medal or will he perform the stunt. Rohit proposes to use his k medal and choose Saurabh to perform the stunt instead of him. Saurabh starts performing first and a twist is revealed that the contestant can find the keys with hand but should pick it up with their mouth. Everyone was stunned.

However Saurabh successfully completes the stunt. Next Anushka performs the stunt and successfully completes it too. Finally Aastha performs the stunt and she completes it too. Rohit announces the result. Mahek completed the stunt in 9 mins 58 secs plus 5 mins penalty so the final time is 14 mins 58 secs. Anushka completed the stunt in 24 mins 35 secs. Saurabh completed it in 34 mins 45 secs. Saurabh completed it with longest time and gets eliminated from the show.

Precap : contestant prank crew member, heated argument between Shweta, Arjun and Vishal. Nikki escapes from performing her stunt

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