Khataron Ke Khiladi 24th July 2021 Written Update: Winners gets lockets to compete for k medal.

Khataron Ke Khiladi 24th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit saying that this time there won’t be fear funda but instead he will check who is strongest and weakest among the contestants. He reveals the K-Medal and all the participants must compete to win the K-Medal, the weakest among the contestants will be out of the race and the strongest one will win the K-Medal.

Rohit explains the first stunt for the K-Medal. A cage is present and the contestant is asked to enter the cage, two rods will be present inside the cage and a square box is attached in the cage. The contestants will be locked in the cage and the lions will be roaming outside the cage. Magnets will be present outside the cage where the lions will be roaming and the contestant must pick the magnets with the rods and stick it on the square board. Incase if the lion catches the rods, the contestants must follow the instructions without disturbing the lion. The one who collects the maximum number of magnets in minimum number of time will be winner.

The contestants chosen for the task are Aastha and Rahul. Aastha performs the stunt first and one rod was taken away by lion. She starts collecting the magnets with the other rod. After collecting few magnets she loses another rod to the lion too. So her stunt gets incomplete. Next, Rahul performs the stunt. He loses one rod in the middle too. Very soon he loses another rod too and his stunt gets incomplete. Aastha collected 7 magnetic discs while Rahul collected 6 magnetic discs. Aastha becomes the winner and receives the winner locket. The contestants who gets winner locket will compete for K-Medal..

The contestants selected for the stunt are Rahul, Abhinav and Arjun. The contestant must enter a moving caravan and should find a bag in the room. Once they find the bag they must open the door of the caravan and should reach the roof of the caravan. A black box is present on the room and the contestant must open the box using the 2 out of the four tools in the bag. After opening it the contestant must pull the lever and the caravan will stop as it will get detached. The contestant must pull the lever before it reaches the finish line. Girl contestants are asked to predict the winner and the ones who predicts wrongly will face punishment. They predict the winner.

Varun performs the stunt first. He performs the stunt very fast but he couldn’t open the black box before it reaches the finish line. Next Abhinav performs the stunt and completes it before the finish line. Finally Arjun performs the stunt and completes it too. Abhinav completed the stunt in 1 minute and 54 seconds while Arjun completed the stunt in 1 minute 53 seconds. Arjun becomes the winner and wins the winner locket to compete for k medal. The girls who predicted wrong are chosen for punishment.

Arjun selects only Divyanka for the punishment. Divyanka was asked to stand on a frame and will be asked questions. For every wrong answer the frame goes down and she falls into water. Divyanka gives all wrong answers and falls into water. Rohit announces the next stunt for the contestant. 3 pairs of red and yellow cars are placed parallel to each other in air. The contestant will be present on the platform. It’s a head on stun where two contestants will compete Parallel. The contestant must jump on the car and move front to remove the flag attached to the car.

Once the flag is removed the contestant must go back to the platform and stick it on the platform. The contestant must go to the second car the same way and should repeat the same. The same repeats for the third car. Once the three flags are collected, a fourth flag will be hung on air after the three cars. The contestant must remove the fourth flag and complete the stunt. The contestant who collects all the flags without falling into the water with minimal time will be the winner.

The contestants selected for the stunt are Saurabh vs Mahek and Shweta vs Anushka. Saurabh competes against Mahek first. Mahek is very slow and couldn’t move after one car while Saurabh steadily moves forward. Mahek aborts the stunt at a point while Saurabh completes it. Next Anushka vs Shweta performs the stunt. Anushka falls into water at a point while Shweta continues. Shweta too successfully completes the stunt. Saurabh and Shweta gets the winner locket.

Precap : ostrich stunt, water stunt, shock stunt, insect stunt and many more fun.

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