Khataron Ke Khiladi 25th July 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Vishal compete in the finals for k medal?

Khataron Ke Khiladi 25th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit announcing the stunt for Divyanka, Sana and Vishal. A plane is tied up in air and 10 flags are attached to it. The contestant must collect all the flags and hook it on their belt. After collecting all the flags the contestant must reach the tail of the plane and jump from it to complete the stunt. Divyanka performs the stunt and collects all the flags and completes the stunt.

Sana performs the stunt next and she is collecting flags too but at a point she falls down before collecting all the flags and loses the stunt. Vishal performed the stunt too and successfully completes the stunt. Vishal completes the stunt in 7 minutes and 1 second while Divyanka completed it in 10 minute and 30 seconds along with penalty. Vishal emerges as the winner and wins the locker. Rahul and Sana dance on the plane wings for fun.

Rohit calls Arjun for a fun stunt. He’s asked to play dumb charades and fir every wrong answer he will be electrocuted. Arjun gets electrocuted many times. Rohit announces the first stunt for locket winners to compete for k medal. The contestants selected for the stunt are Shweta and Arjun. A reptile box is shown with lots of snakes and other reptiles. 10 magnets are present at the bottom of the box. The contestants must drag the magnet from end to end and should stick it at the top. If the magnet falls down then it will be kept back in the bottom and the contestant must drag it from the start and keep it in the finish line.

The one who collects all the magnets with minimal time emerges out to be the winner. Shweta performs the stunt first but is very scared. The magnet falls down many times and she kept repeating the process. She successfully completes the stunt. Next Arjun performs the stunt. He successfully completes the stunt too. Shweta completed the stunt in 12 minutes and 54 seconds while Arjun completed it in 12 minutes and 26 seconds. Arjun becomes the first finalist to compete for the k medal while Shweta gives away her locket.

Rohit announces the next stunt for the k medal locket winners. There are 4 numbers on 4 ostriches and 4 ostriches will have flags. The contestant must remove the flag from the ostriches and should fix it on the ostriches matching the numbers. The numbers will be found underneath their feathers. The time limit for the stunt is 15 minutes.

The contestants selected for the stunt are Aastha, Saurabh and Vishal. Aastha performs the stunt first. She collects only 3 flags in 15 minutes. Next Saurabh performs the stunt. He too collects 3 flags in 15 minutes. Finally Vishal performs well and completes the stunt collecting all the 4 flags in 6 minutes. Saurabh and Aastha are out of the race and gives their lockers back to Rohit. Vishal joins Arjun in the finale stunt for k medal.

Rohit announces the finale stunt for k medal for Vishal and Arjun. A bus will be immersed in waters and 4 mannequins will be present inside the box tied to the bus. The contestant must rescue the mannequins and should place it one by one on the finish line. A contestant must save only one mannequin at a time. The one who collects all the 4 mannequins in minimal time will emerge out as winner. Arjun performs the stunt first and completes it with difficulty followed by Vishal who too completes with lots of efforts. Arjun completed the stunt in 20 minutes while Vishal completed it in 20 minutes and 20 seconds. Arjun wins the k medal.

Precap : contestants suffer physical and mental abuse followed by insect stunts in pairs.

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