Khatron Ka Khiladi 28th August 2021 Written Update: All contestants gets fear funda.

Khatron Ka Khiladi 28th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit giving a surprise for the contestants. He brings eliminated three contestants whose elimination he finds unfair. Aastha who got eliminated because of Shweta’s wrong captaincy, Saurabh who got unfairly eliminated in the place of Arjun using k medal and Vishal who got eliminated due to Nikki’s inefficiency. Rohit announces that there will be a separate stunt for these three contestants and only one among them will get chance to enter as wild car while the other two will big good bye to the show.

Rohit explains the stunt for the three contestants. The contestant will be placed on a chair with 4 “locks on their body. A rod will be given and the contestant must pick the keys from the net where current passes. Out of 8 keys only four will be used to unlock the locks. The time limit for the stunt is 15 minutes. The contestant who unlocks all the four within the given time limit will be the winner. First Aastha performs the stunt but she unable to handle the current and aborts it with opening only one lock. Next Vishal performs the stunt and successfully opens all the locks. Finally Saurabh performs the stunt but his time is up before he could open the last lock. As per rules, only Vishal gets another opportunity to continue his journey while the other bids good bye to the show.

Rohit gives a gift for all the contestants and everyone had fear funda as their gifts. Rohit announces that this week all contestants will perform all the stunts together and only the winners will get removed of their fear funda and will be safe. The others will keep moving on for further stunts unless their fear funda gets removed and the last one will be eliminated. The first stunt for all the contestants is explained by Rohit. The contestants must be seated in a train and tear gas will be passed in the train. The contestants must not close their eyes nor cover any parts of their face using had or cloth. The final two contestants who endures till the last will get relieved of their fear funda. The order of contestants who comes out are Anushka, Varun, Abhinav, Arjun, Shweta and Rahul. Only Sana and Vishal endures till the last and becomes the winner. They both gets relieved off their fear funda.

The contestants tease Sana and Vishal for emerging out as winner couple and they both are made to dance. Later Vishal have a couple dance with Rahul. The second stunt for the day for the fear funda contestants is explained by Rohit. Coffins are shown with three compartments head, body and legs. The contestants will lay in the coffin and their head compartment will be filled with snakes, the body with cock roaches and finally the leg compartment with crabs. A ball with contestant’s photo will be present inside a box with four bolts.

The contestant must remove the four bolts and should pass the ball into the pipe. The ball will reach the final tube and the one who completes it first will get relieved off their fear funda. The twist is none of the contestants can get out of the coffin until the last person completes the stunt by passing the ball. All the contestants complete the stunt almost at the same time while Anushka finished at last. Rahul emerges out as the winner and gets relieved of his fear funda.

The third stunt for the day is explained to the fear funda contestants. A ship repair harbour is shown and the contestant will be connected to ropes for safety. The contestant must pass from one end to end another on the rope by balancing the other rope using hand. The contestant who passes it first will emerge out as winner. At a point all the contestant fall and hangs in air except Shweta. But Shweta also couldn’t reach the end all falls hanging. However Shweta emerges out as the winner and gets relieve off her fear funda.

Episode ends..

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