Khatron Ka Khiladi 29th August 2021 Written Update: Arjun, Varun and Anushka in elimination stunt

Khatron Ka Khiladi 29th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit performing a fun quiz between contestants where he questions contestants about other contestants and as the answer the contestants will get cream smashed on their face. Every one’s face got smashed with cream for each question. Rohit announces the first stunt for the fear funda contestants Divyanka, Varun, Abhinav, Anushka and Arjun. Five boxes are shown and the contestants head will be locked inside the box in lying position. Creepy crawlies will be present inside the box in which the contestants head are locked. Each contestant gets different creepy crawlies.

Abhinav gets scorpion, Divyanka gets Snakes, Varun gets crabs, Anushka gets roaches and Arjun gets rats. The contestant should crawl using their legs and should reach the finish line. After reaching the finish line they should use the rod to pick the spanner and screw driver. Using them they must unlock the bolts of the box and the contestant who opens the box first will be declared the winner. Rohit says that both Karan Patel and Karan Wahi performed the stunt and ended up aborting it. All the five contestants perform the same stunt but Divyanka emerges out as the winner. She gets removed off her fear funda while Arjun, Abhinav, Anushka and Varun goes for the next stunt.

Rohit explains the next stunt for the day. Before that, he exclaims about an advantage stunt which can be used in the real stunt. All the four contestants are made to stand holding their hand and current passes through the contestants. The contestant who endures the current till the last without leaving hand will get advantage. Anushka takes off her hand unable to handle the shock first. Varun, Abhinav and Arjun continued to endure resulting in all the three getting the advantage. The three contestants will start the stunt 10 minutes before Anushka as their advantage.

Rohit explains the stunt to the contestants. Five rings will be tied around a rope underwater. The contestant must grab the rope and swim and reach the finish point and then again go back to collect the second one. This continues until all the five rings gets collected and finally the contestant must take out the flag at the end point to finish the stunt. The contestant can come out for breath but should let go off the ring at that time and should resume only after going back. The contestant who first completes the stunt will emerge out as winner. Varun aborts as he couldn’t hold the breath underwater followed by Arjun. Abhinav and Anushka performs well but Abhinav completes it first and gets removed of his fear funda. Anushka, Arjun and Varun goes for elimination stunt.

Rohit explains the elimination stunt for the contestant. The contestant must walk through a narrow path high above land and four flags will be present on the way. Two flags will be tied down the ramp while two will fly in air. After collecting all the four flags the contestant must reach the end point and a fifth flag will be tied away from the ramp. The contestant must jump into water and also must collect the fifth flag to complete the stunt. Arjun and Varun completes the stunt successfully but Anushka fails in it. Arjun and Varun got relieved of their fear funda while Anushka bids good bye to the show.

Episode ends..

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