Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 12th July 2020 Written Update: Shivin and Tejasswi performs fear funda stunt

Khatron Ke Khiladi 10 12th July 2020 Written Update on

Shivin and Tejasswi performs fear funda stunt

The episode starts with contestant’s friends making special appearance. Contestants introduce their friends cum partner for the day. Karan introduces his friend Abhishek who’s his Co star from Yeh Hai Mohabatein. Darmesh introduces his friend Amar from a show. Karishma introduces her friend Salman. Shivin introduces his friend Smriti who’s a Co star from his show. Balraj introduces his friend shaleen. Tejasswi introduces her friend Kabir from 2k12.

Rohit announces the first stunt for the day. The contestants will be attached to a spiral iron using special shoes. The shoes are attached to the spiral rod and the contestant must move through the rod and collect flags attached to the rod. The spiral rod keeps getting immersed in water with time. The contestant who collects maximum flags will be announced as winner.

The contestants chosen for the stunt are Shivin, Karishma and Balraj along with their partners. Shivin and Smriti performs the stunt first but Shivin starts sinking at a point and aborts the stunt. Balraj and Sachin performed the next stunt but aborts at a point too. Finally Karishma and Shaleen performs the stunt and completes it successfully. Karishma and Salman wins the stunt while Shivin vets the fear funda.

Rohit announces the stunt for Karan and Tejasswi with their partners. The contestants will be sitting on a stool while their heads will be locked inside a glass box with four keys inside. One contestant must pluck the keys using their mouth and should pass it to another contestant. The other contestant must receive it using mouth and should unlock the locks present outside the glass box using their hands. Creepy crawlies will be present all over the glass box in addition to the stunt. The contestant who unlocks the four locks in less time will be considered as winner.

Tejasswi who has injured her eye in the previous water stunt wants to quit the show but Rohit and others persuade her to proceed with the show. Having listening to everyone’s words she takes part in the stunt. Tejasswi and Kabir performs the stunt and completes it too. Followed by them Karan and Abhishek performs the stunt and completes it too. Karan and Abhishek wins the stunt completing it in less time. Tejasswi gets the fear funda.

Rohit announces the next stunt for fear funda contestants Shivin and Tejasswi. One contestant who’s connected to a rope should unlock a crowbar chained with them using a key. The contestant must throw the crowbar towards the other contestant on the ground. The other contestant should open a box using the crowbar and get a lever. The contestant should attach the lever to the bomb detonater and must pump it. Once the pumping the detonater the first contestant will be pulled to mid air while blast happens for the opponent contest8completing the stunt. The contestant who completes by blasting first becomes the winner.

Tejasswi and Smriti were present at the detonator end while Shivin and Kabir are present near the bomb. Tejasswi completes the stunt first by detonating the bomb first and Shivin end gets blasted. Tejasswi and Kabir wins the stunt while Shivin goes for elimination stunt.

Precap : Finale stunt.. Tejasswi needs proxy but none comes forward for her help.