KHATRON KE KHILADI 10 5TH JULY 2020 WRITTEN UPDATE: Karishma, Tejasswi and Karan performs ticket to finale stunt

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The episode starts with Rohit announcing that there’s no elimination for today and the one who performs the best will go to finale straight away. Rohit explains the first stunt for the day. The contestant will be tied upside down to w crane of a moving truck. Boxes are kept on the way with flags hung on them. The contestant gets hit by the box and must collect the flag and place it in the bag tied to them.

Darmesh performs the stunt first and collects as much flags as possible. Karan Patel performs next and collects the flags too. Karan collects 10 flags and Darmesh collects 7 flags in total. Karan Patel wins the stunt. Tejasswi is made to perform the same stunt for fun.

Rohit explains the next stunt for the contestants. The contestants will he be locked up in a box with their each hand tied together to the iron box in a complicated way. Sewage trashes gets dumped on them while they must free their hands using each other’s free hand. The contestant who completes the stunt in less time will move a step forward to ticket to finale. Its a partner stunt and Tejasswi and Karishma and Balraj and Shivin are asked to perform the stunt.

Balraj and Shivin performs the stunt first and completes it but takes too much time. Next Karishma and Tejasswi performs the stunt and completes it too. Karishma and Tejasswi wins the stunt completing it in less time. Karishma, Tejasswi and Karan gets selected for performing ticket to finale stunt.

Rohit explains the ticket to finale stunt to the contestant. The contestant gets connected to the bottom side of the truck with a movable pulley and two female and one male wires would be held at the sides. The contestant must connect the male wire with its right female wire. When the correct one gets connected a blast happens at the end of the truck. The contestant who connects all the wires in less time and completes the stunt gets the ticket to finale.

Karan performs first and completes it too. Followed by Karan Karishma performs the stunt and completes it with difficulty too. Finally Tejasswi performs it and completes it too. Tejasswi wins the ticket to finale stunt.

Precap : More difficult stunts for contestants. Family week ahead.