Khatron Ke Khiladi 11th April 2020 Written Update:

Khatron Ke Khiladi 11th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit announcing the task for the elimination for the first contestant of the season. The contestant should collect seven flags from the top of the running bus before it reaches the end. Two keys for two boxes will be attached with the flags and using the keys a box should be opened which consists of two flare sticks. The contestant should join and light the flare to complete the task. First Malishka, second Rani and third Balraj should perform the task.

Malishka collects all the flags but fails opening the box thus failing the stunt. Rani manages to collect only three flags failing the stunt too. Balraj manages to collect all the flags and also manages to light the flare thus completing the stunt. Rohit removes the fear funda from Balraj’s hand. Rani gets eliminated as she collected less flags than Malishka. Rani takes her leave.

Rohit asks Adaa to open the cover of a cage wording DANGER written on it. A roar sound comes from the cage. Adaa with extreme fear opens it to find Harsh in it. Rohit introduces him to be popular for aborting all the stunts in the last season.

Rohit says that Harsh is there to test all the stunts before it’s given to the contestant. He sends Harsh to open a box and transfer the thing from the box to the cage. He opens it to find two pythons in it. After lots of struggle he manages to shift one python to the cage as demonstration.

Rohit explains the task to the contestants. He says that a movie name appears in the form of pictures in the screen. Once they find the movie name a number appears on the screen and they should open the box with the number and transfer the animal from the box to the cage. If the movie name they guessed is wrong they could be given a one minute penalty. He announces the first contestant as Tejasswi, followed by Shivin and Amruta.

Tejasswi performs the stunt but fails guessing the movie name. She gets a box with llama in it. She manages to shift it to the cage. In the second time she guesses the movie name right and opens her box to find pythons. She easily shifts it too much to everyone’s surprise.

Third movie name too she guesses right and opens her box to find bull frogs in it. She shifts them easily to cage too. She guesses the fourth one too right and opens it to find monitor lizard in it and shifts it easily too. She successfully completes all her tasks.

Shivin performs his stunt after tejasswi. He guesses the movie right and transfer the animal to cage. He guesses the second movie right too and transfers the python to cage. He guesses tye third movie right but finds difficult in handling baby alligator. He finally manages to shift it to cage. He guesses the fourth movie and shifts the iguana to the cage too with lots of difficulty.

Amruta performs her stunt followed by Shivin. She guesses the first movie right and transfers the baby alligator to cage. She guesses the second movie right and opens it to find wild goat in it. She manages to shift it to cage too. She guesses the third movie right too and opens it to find rooster in it.

It troubles her by running away but she manages to catch it and put it in cage. She guesses the last name right too and gets Bull frog. She shifts it to cage too. Shivin gets first place but tejasswi gets fear funda for guessing the movie wrong despite completing it . And Amruta too gets fear funda for completing it in the longest time.

Rohit announces the next stunt to the contestants which is a partner stunt. One contestant who’s driving will be blinded while the other contestant will be hided off the wind shield and should guide the blinded partner with a monitor provided to them. He announces the participants as Malishka and Balraj and Karan and Adaa.

First Malishka and Balraj performs their stunt. Balraj drives blindfolded while Malishka guides him with monitor. Malishka guides it wrong and their car gets struck. They complete the task with difficulty. Next Karan becomes blindfolded driver and Adaa guides him with the monitor.

Adaa guides him in a calm manner and hits all the cans perfect. Balraj and Malishka gets 180 points and Adaa and Karan scores 270 points. Rohit gives fear funda to Malishka and Balraj. Rohit announces the next task of sitting on ostrich’s back. Ostriches run away and the stunt gets aborted for the welfare of animals.

Precap : Contestants mobile phones gets grind in mixer for penalty stunt. Karishma performs snake stunt and Barti makes her entry.

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