Khatron Ke Khiladi 11th September 2021 Written Update: Abhinav, Vishal and Shweta in elimination stunt.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 11th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit making fun of contestants and asks Vishal to recite a poetry followed by Rahul singing a song. Varun plays his guitar. Rohit welcomes the contestants for semi finale week. He also announces that there will be double elimination in the end. He announces the first stunt for Vishal, Sana and Arjun. A tunnel is shown in water with air pockets present on the top. The contestant must enter the tunnel and can use air pockets if air is needed. After reaching the third pocket the path will be closed with net. A cutter will be present in the side and the contestant must cut the net and should pass through the net exiting the tunnel. The stunt gets completed once the contestant comes out of the tunnel. Sana performs the stunt first and completes it successfully in 13 min and 15 sec. Next Arjun performs the stunt and completes it in 8 min and 11 sec. Vishal performs at last but he comes out without performing as he was scared. Rohit and Shweta motivated him to go again but he again back saying that it was dark. Rohit gives him lamp and sends him in but he’s still scared. He finally aborts the stunt without even entering. Vishal gets fear funda for elimination stunt.

Rohit announces the next stunt which head on stunt against Shweta and Rahul and Abhinav and Varun. Two contestants will get fear funda in the stunt. Shweta and Varun are asked to catch hens before the stunt fooling then that it’s advantage stunt. Both the contestants will be laid tying up their hand, torso and legs. Grains will be poured on their body and hundreds of hens are left to eat the grains. A buzzer will be present at below their head and the contestant must keep their head lifted without hitting the button. The one who hits the button first will be the loser. First Shweta and Rahul performs the stunt and Shweta hits the button first getting her fear funda. Next Varun and Abhinav performs the stunt and Abhinav hits the button first earning him a fear funda too.

Rohit shows meme worthy pictures of contestants and are asked to enact the situation in a funny way. After that Rohit explains the final elimination stunt for Abhinav, Shweta and Rahul. One among them must get eliminated this week. Rohit explains the stunt to the contestant. A basketball basket is shown hanging from a crane. The contestant must walk a narrow beam and should first pick the balls laying on the beam and throw it into the basket. After picking the 4 balls on the beam, they must pick the three balls hanging a bit far away in net. The contestant must pick the three balls from the net and should try putting them into the basket.

Finally on reaching the end a single ball will be place farthest in net. The contestant must remove the ball too and should put it in the basket. The contestant who puts maximum balls in the net with minimum time will be safe and the losing contestant must quit the game. The contestant loses once they fall down from the beam too. First Vishal performs the stunt but he couldn’t manage to pocket even one ball despite collecting all the balls. Next Shweta performs the stunt and it’s the same for her. She too couldn’t pocket a ball despite picking all the balls. Finally Abhinav performs the stunt but he falls down before he could pick the last ball in the net. He too couldn’t pocket even one ball. Abhinav gets eliminated while Vishal and Shweta lets go off their fear funda. Rohit announces that the next day another contestant will get eliminated for the week.

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