Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 10th July 2022 Written Update: What??? Elimination stunt with a twist

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 10th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with where the last episode ended. Kanika performs her stunt and manages to complete it. However none of the contestants where able to complete it in targeted time which is 6 minutes. Shivangi completed the stunt in 08 minutes and 30 seconds, Kanika completed the stunt in 08 minutes and Aneri was forced to abort as the time limit exceeded 25 minutes. The contestant sang and danced for khatron ke khiladi version of oo bolega yaa oo oo bolega. Rohit made Rajeev sing a song with his head wrapped in a glass and mice present in it.

Rohit announces the next stunt to be a partner stunt. The contestants chosen for the stunt are Pratik and Chetana vs Tushar and Faisu. A wall is shown with two platforms. There are holes on the walls with two logs present as a platform on the first two holes. One log can be pulled by one contestant while the other log cm be pulled by other contestant. The contestant must pass the log on either side of the wall. And after passing a log the contestant must remove the log and place it in the next hole to create further pathway.

The contestant must reach the opposite platform by making paths through using the logs. After reaching the end platform they must pull the flag hanging on air before jumping into water. Rohit would give four stars to the contestants if both the teams complete the stunt. The targeted time is 8 minutes. The contestant must quit the stunt once the time limit exceeds. Pratik and Chetana performs the stunt first but couldn’t complete it within the time limit. They jump in water midway. Next Tushar and Faisu performs the stunt and successfully completes it collecting the flag in the given time. Rohit gives two stars to Khiladis.

Next Rohit makes Sriti walk on rope above burning coal. Nishant lashes out at the contestants who failed to earn stars for fun and Rohit joins them. He announces the final stunt which is for the remaining contestant Nishant and Sriti. Rohit says that both must get the stars to lead their side of star score table and avoid elimination stunt. He starts explaining their stunt. A massive wall is shown with contestant picture present on it. Their mouth parts have hole and the wall is like rock climbing.

The contestant must do rock climbing and go to the said contestant’s picture. They must put their hands into the hole where creepy crawlies will be present. The contestant must remove a nut and unlock a disc and should keep it in their pouch. The targeted time limit is 6 minutes and 4 discs should be removed with in the time. First Nishant perforns the stunt but he avoids first hole which had snakes and just collected three discs. His time limit also exceeded. He also drops a disc to ground without keeping it in his pouch due to his fear. Next Sriti perforns the stunt and successfully completes it. She gains a star. Rohit says that elimination stunt must take place as their star count didn’t exceeds his star count. He asks them to select two contestants to undergo a elimination stunt.

The contestant selected Nishant and Rubina for elimination stunt based on their performance in their stunts. Rohit announces the elimination stunt for the two and starts explaining it. A glass box is shown hanging above water. The contestant will be present inside the box with their legs buried in ice. Once the stunt starts ice cubes will keep falling on the contestants. One side of the box have glow sticks of three different colours and the other side has three boxes with three colours.

The contestant must get the glow sticks from one side and put it in the matching color box on the other side. The time limit for the stunt is 5 minute. After 5 minutes the glass door opens and the contestants will fall in water. The one who collects large number of glow sticks in the right boxes will be declared winner and the other would get eliminated.

First Rubina performs the stunt and completes it but gets hurt. Next Nishant also perforns the stunt. Rubina collected 57 sticks in which 5 were wrong and so her count is 52. Nishant collected 52 sticks in which 2 were wrong and so the count is 49. Nishant bids adieu but the twist arrives when Rohit reveals that there is no elimination. Contestants gets happy.