Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 17th September 2022 Written Update: Woah! Rohit’s anger terrifies the contestant.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 17th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit announcing that it’s the semi finale week and the contestant’s have to give their best to become they finalists. As Tushar already became finale contestant he doesn’t have any stunts to perform this week. Rohit announces that only 7 among the 8 contestants will enter the finale. He plays a prank with Rajeev. He announces the first stunt for the day. A platform much above the water is present and flags are tied hanging on the way. The contestant must walk through the platform and collect all the five flags hanging on the platform. Severe current will be passing through the flags and the contestant must pluck the flag and should reach the end point. After reaching the end point, a sixth flag will be hanging in air parallel to the platform. The contestant must pluck the flag and jump into water to complete the stunt. The time limit for the stunt is 15 minutes.

Kanika, Nishant and Rubina were selected for the stunt. Nishant first performs the stunt but aborts it unable to bear the current. Rohit gets disappointed. Next Rubina performs the stunt and successfully completes it. Finally Kanika performs it and aborts it too. Rubina becomes the second finalist. Rohit lashes out at Kanika and Nishant for not even deserving to be in the semi finale race. He says that he can’t believe people could abort in semi finale stunt and gets really irritated. Nishant and Kanika gets fear funda.

Rohit before starting the stunt insults Nishant and Kanika to the core. He calls Nishant to join needle to thread as stunt to insult him. Everyone could sense his anger. He then mocks Kanika to jump from one board to another ad her stunt and ties electric band in his hand. Kanika starts crying with embarrassment and pleads him to not insult anymore. Rohit then asks Rajeev whether he would complete it stunt atleast and Rajeev nods yes. He shows five tunnels with each tunnel having three gold coins. The tunnels will be present with various creepy crawlies and contestant must collect all the coins and put it in their bag. The time limit for the stunt is also 15 minutes. First Rajeev performs the stunt. His tunnels had rats, roaches, crocodile and snakes. Rajeev took lots of time in crocodile and managed to collect only 7 coins. Next Jannat performs the stunt and collects all the 15 coins. She becomes the third finalist of the season. Rohit is satisfied with their performance. Rajeev gets fear funda.

Next Rohit plays Mohit’s wife Aditi video who gets her revenge on Mohit by getting him beaten by physiotherapist. Rohit announces the stunt for Mohit and Faisu. A thrust is shown underwater and a rope will be present for the contestant to mkbeyin water to collect the five flags. Fire will be glowing above water and the contestant must collect the flag and hook it under water. In order to take breath they should come out of water only at the starting point as inside the thrust there will be fire above water. After collecting the five flags in the corner a sixth flag in the middle must be collected and hooked to complete the stunt. The contestant who completes it in minimal time will be declared the winner.

Mohit performs the stunt and completes it in 7 minutes. Faisu performs the stunt and completes it in 3 minutes and 33 seconds. Faisu becomes the fourth finalist while Mohit gets fear funda. Rohit announces that the contestants will get a last chance to get into the finalist list and asks them to perform well.

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