Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 20th August 2022 Written Update: Expect the unexpected.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 20th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit saying that it’s Mummy week and the contestant’s mothers call each contestant and send their wishes. Rohit announces that Kanika has the k medal who can use it at any time to escape from the elimination stunt or any stunt which she wishes to escape. He also says that she can save any contestant from elimination too if needed.

Rohit announces that the first stunt and asks Kanika if she wants to use her k medal without mentioning the partner’s name. Kanika says no and Rohit announces that Kanika is partner with Rajeev. Jannat is partnered with Faisu and Mohit is partnered with Pratik. He explains the stunt to the contestants. A moving truck with two platforms is shown. One contestant must stay at one platform whole the other must stay in the other one. They both will be connected using a rope. 10 flags will be present a little away from the platform tied up in the air. The one side contestant must move on the platform while the other one must leave the rope accordingly giving access for the other contestant to move.

The contestant must lean and pick the flag and must hook it on their belt. The contestant must collect maximum number of flags before the truck reaches the end point. First Kanika and Rajeev performs the stunt where they managed to collect only 4 flags out of which two they failed to hook. Jannat and Faisu performed next and collected 9 flags. Finally Mohit and Pratik performed the stunt but Pratik didn’t manage to collect even one flag due to his fear and they ended up collecting no flags. Jannat and Faisu becomes winner while Mohit and Pratik and Kanika and Rajeev gets fear funda.

Rohit plays a prank with Rubina followed by him explaining the next partner stunt for the contestants. A glass box is shown with marbles and lock in it. One partner must stay in the box with their hands only unlocked to unlock the four locks. The box will be filled with roaches. The other contestant must pick the marbles using mouth and transfer it to another box until the rotor rotates due to the marble weight and the key gets unlocked one by one. The contestant who takes minimum time to unlock the locks will be declared the winner. The partners chosen for the stunt are Sriti and Nishant and Tushar and Rubina. First Sriti and Nishant performs the stunt with Sriti in the box and Nishant collecting the keys. The complete the stunt in 04 minutes and 27 seconds. Next Tushar and Rubina performs the stunt with Rubina in the box and Tushar collecting the keys. They completed the stunt in 03 minutes and 18 seconds. Tushar and Rubina becomes winner while Sriti and Nishant gets fear funda.

Rohit announces the final stunt for the day. A glass platform is shown with 10 flags stuck on both the sides of the glass platform. Heavy water flow along with wind will pass through the glass platform. The contestant must race against it and get the flags and hook it to their belt. The stunt ends when the contestants fall in water after hooking the flags. If the flag falls down or not hooked it won’t be counted. The contestants who collect maximum flags with minimal time will be the winner. First Mohit performs the stunt and manages to collect 7 flags in 03 minutes and 27 seconds. Next Pratik performs the stunt and collects 7 flags in 02 minutes and 18 seconds. Pratik gets rid of his fear funda.

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