Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 30th July 2022 Written Update: Omg!!! The weather played badly with Tushar!!

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 30th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit playing a prank with Chetana and Kanika to hold a snake and run a round. After completing their round they should pass on the snake to another contestant of their choice. Kanika chooses Rajeev and Chetana chooses Tushar. They too run with the snake. Rohit explains that this is the theme of the day.

 Rohit would choose two contestant to compete one on one in a stunt and the winner contestant will get to choose the next contestant for the stunt and the loser will choose the second contestant to compete against the one chosen by the winner. The cycle continues and eventually two teams will be formed in the end. One member from the team with large number of fear funda contestants will get eliminated this week. For the first stunt Rohit chooses Rubina android Nishant.

Rohit explains the stunt to the contestant. It’s a creepy crawlies stunt. A wall with boxes on the top and levers below the boxes will be present. The contestant will wear a cone shaped box around their neck covering their head like a cone. Different creepy crawlies will be present inside the boxes. Rohit will say the animal to be taken and the contestant must pull the lever. The animals will fall inside the cone surrounding their head. They must walk towards a box and must drop the animals inside the box with a weighing scale.

 Along with the animals name Rohit will also say the weight of animals that should be present inside the box. It’s not an issue if the weight is more but if it’s less then the contestant must collect more of the same animals again and fill it to reach the weight. The one who completes the stunt first will be emerged as the winner. First Rubina perforns the stunt and completes it in 9 minutes and 36 seconds. Next Nishant performs the stunt and during the stunt gets bitten by animals. He completes the stunt in 7 minutes and 58 seconds. Nishant becomes the winner while Rubina gets fear funda.

Rohit plays a fun prank on Kanika using Apeksha speaker where Kanika gets electrocuted for wrong answers. Rohit announces the next stunt for the contestant. Its a dynamic stunt where a platform will be present high much above the ground level. One platform will have 5 yellow flags while the other platform will have 5 red flags.

 They both will be separated by see saw and the contestant must walk from one end to another on the see saw to collect the flag. After collecting one flag they must come back at a point in see saw where fine yellow and 5 red hooks are present. The contestant must hook the flag in the respective hook and continue it for the other stunts. The rule is that the contestant must walk on the see saw and should not crawl else they would be disqualified. Same way if a flag falls down then it won’t be counted. Nishant gets to choose the contestant to perform from his team as winner and he chooses Tushar.

Next Rubina chooses one for her team to compete against Tushar and she chooses Mohit. First Mohit perforns the stunt and completes it in 9 minutes and 59 seconds. Next Tushar performs the stunt but loses balances many times due ro wind. He completes the stunt in 14 minutes and 58 seconds. Mohit becomes the winner while Tushar gets fear funda.

Rohit then announces the next water stunt for the contestant. A glass bed will be present little above the water and the contestant will lay on the bed. Their two legs and one hand will be tied to the bed and the other hand has five keys. The bed will rotate in clockwise motion and the contestant will go inside water and come out due to it. Three among the five keys will be used to unlocks the locks.

 Once the bed completes single rotation, the contestant should start unlocking themselves as the bed keeps rotating. After unlocking themselves the contestant must swim to the end point to complete the stunt. Mohit gets to choose the contestant for his team first being the winner and he chooses Faisu. Tushar chooses Chetana in his team to compete against Faisu in the stunt. First Chetana performs the stunt and completes it in 12 minutes and 47 seconds.

Next Faisu perforns the stunt and completes it in 10 minutes and 57 seconds. Faisu becomes the winner while Chetana gets fear funda. At the end of the day Rubina team has one fear funda while Nishant team has two fear fundas.

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