Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 31st July 2022 Written Update: Uh.. That elimination stunt abort was really not expected!!!

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 31st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit asking the previous stunt winner Faisu to choose the first contestant for the next stunt for their team. He also warns that Nishant team already have two fear funda contestants while Rubina’s team has only one. He says in case Nishant’s team loses in the upcoming stunt then their team will go for elimination stunt straight away. Rohit announces the next stunt to the contestants which is a water stunt. The contestant will be present in a glass box above the water and a small glass box with lever will be present inside their glass box. It will have three locks on it.

The contestant will have five keys and three out of them will be used to unlock the locks. After unlocking the box they must pull the lever and the box opens pushing the contestant into water. Under water there will be platforms. After reaching the water the contestant must life two weights and should walk under water on the two platforms and reach the end to complete the stunt. In case, the contestant is in need of oxygen they could leave the weights and come out of water to take a breath and can continue the stunt. The contestant who completes the stunt in minimal time will be declared the winner.

Faisu chooses Jannat for the stunt while Chetana chooses Rajeev. Rohit gives an advantage task to Rubina and Nishant for them to choose who would perform the stunt first among Jannat and Faisu. Nishant wins the task and chooses Jannat to go first. Jannat perforns the stunt but she fainted under water and was forced to abort the stunt due to medical reasons.

 Next Rajeev performed the stunt. Though he too faced lots of difficulty, he managed to complete the stunt. Rajeev becomes the winner while Jannat gets fear funda. Rohit announces to the two teams that there are three contestant left – Kanika, Sriti and Pratik. Two teams must choose one contestant each team and the last contestant who didn’t get chosen will straight away go to elimination stunt.

Rohit explains the next stunt which is a dynamic stunt. The contestant must collect five flags from a barrel near water and should rush and get into Maruti Suzuki car along with Rohit. Rohit will drive them to the chopper and the contestant must get in the chopper. After getting in the chopper, the contestant must jump on the net present below the chopper while flying. There will be three marks on the net and the contestant must pin the three flags on the marked parts.

After pinning the flags the contestant must go down to the ladder hanging below the net. Two marks will be present on the ladder too and the contestant must hook the remaining two flags in the marks and after getting it done the contestant must jump in water to complete the stunt. Rajeev being the winner chooses the first contestant for the stunt from his team as Sriti Jha.

Next Jannat chooses Kanika to her team to compete against Sriti. Since none chose Pratik he was forced to go to elimination stunt directly. First Kanika performs the stunt but she couldn’t get to the ladder out of fear and aborted the stunt midway. Next Sriti Jha performed the stunt and successfully completed it. Sriti Jha becomes the winner while Kanika gets fear funda.

Being the team with most fear funda Rubina’s team members have to face elimination stunt. Along with Pratik to other fear funda contestants from Rubina’s team has to face elimination stunt and Rohit asks to decide the name themselves to the team members. While the opposite Nishant team voted altogether for Kanika and Jannat, Rubina’s team voted for Rubina and Kanika. Rohit made the team understand that sending Rubina would be unfair as she completed her stunt and so it’s decided that Kanika and Jannat would join Pratik in elimination stunt. Rohit pranked Pratik by pretending to give him a chance to escape elimination. He scared him with chopper malfunction and revealed that it was a prank.

Rohit explains the stunt to the contestants. Two platforms will be present much above the ground level which is separated by a four end platform in the middle. The contestant will be present on the one end of the platform and they must cross the middle four end platform to reach the second platform.

Four flags will be present on the second platform and the contestant must take one flag and should come back to the first platform to stick the flag on it. It should continue for the other three flags and after sticking all the flags, the contestant must come back to the second platform where a fifth flag will be present at a distant flying in air. The contestant must jump and reach the flag and should jump in water with the flag to complete the stunt.

All three platforms will be in rotating motion. If the contestant falls while performing their stunt ends there. First Kanika performs the stunt but falls down while performing. Same happens with Jannat. However Pratik didn’t even start the stunt as he faced Vertigo and aborted the stunt. Since Pratik aborted even before starting he gets eliminated.

Precap : Mohit and Rubina will have an argument as Mohit will ask Rubina to perform a snake stunt which she’s not willing to. Rubina will disown her team out of frustration. Tushar will get drenched in water from opposite team while performing the stunt to disrupt his stunt.