Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 7th August 2022 Written Update: Omg!!! Lots of inner riots between contestants!!!

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 7th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Red Team (Mohit) and Yellow team (Tushar) having equal points. They have to perform a tie breaker stunt and Rohit explains the stunt to the contestants. An Asterisk much above the waters is shown. Three contestants from each team will be present on the middle of the asterisk. They must jump from wing of the asterisk to the other and reach the flags. Three flags will be tied on air in the end. The contestant must jump and pluck the asterisk and dive into water to complete the stunt.

One contestant must perform at a time while the other has to wait for their turn. Added to it is that the opposite team will spray water on high force on the contestant. First Mohit’s team performs the stunt and Mohit selects himself, Faisu and Kanika for the stunt. None could reach the flag as they fell in water one by one while jumping from the asterisk wings. Next Tushar’s team performs the stunt and Tushar chose himself, Sriti and Chetana for the stunt. Only Tushar managed to get the flag and gained 10 points for his team.

Rohit announces the next stunt for the two teams. A box is shown divided by three parts. With two end parts having creepy crawlies and the middle part has flies in it. Two contestants from each team must perform the stunt. One contestant will enter through one end where six keys will be present while the other contestant must enter through other end where three locks will be present. The contestant must collect the keys from their and should pass it on to the other contestant with mouth in the flies chamber and the other contestant must use it to open the three locks to complete the stunt. Rubina offers to perform the stunt as she didn’t perform any stunt and Mohit also chooses her along with Jannat from his team.

Tushar wanted to choose Chetana and Sriti but Rubina says both Rajeev and Nishant didn’t do any stunt. Tushar answers her rudely for interrupting his decision as a taken but Rohit agrees with Rubina. So Tushar had to choose Rajeev with Sriti as Nishant is injured. Another conflict arises when Sriti says Mohit that she’s scared of creepy crawlies. Mohit accuses her for putting a show off as accepting and then fearing. Rubina gets hurt a lot and other contestants cheered her up. She finally performed the stunt with Jannat and successfully completes it too. Next Sriti gets in the box but Rajeev was scared to enter and aborts the stunt. Rohit lashes him out for it. So Mohit’s team gains 10 points and again it’s a tie.

In the elimination stunt Rohit asks captains to take a name from each team who performed poor compared to others for elimination stunt. He says that it’s a water stunt and Tushar takes Chetana’s name in terms of performance. Mohit takes Rubina’s name but none agreed with it as she was better than Kanika. This again raises a conflict but Mohit stands firm in his decision. So Rubina and Chetana were chosen for the stunt. Rohit explains the water stunt to the contestants.

A tumbler in rotating motion will be present in the water. The contestant must enter it and collect 10 flags and hook it on their belt and come out to complete the stunt. The contestant has to get out of the tumbler in order to get breathing. First Rubina perforns the stunt and successfully completes it. Next Chetana perforns the stunt and manages to collect 6 flags and later on went on to abort.

Precap : Rohit announces the partner stunt to Kanika and Nishant. Nishant gets bitten by scorpion. Sriti flaunts her talent.

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