Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 9th July 2022 Written Update: Wow.. Something new for the contestants..

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12 9th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit welcoming the contestants. He says that this week they are going to perform something peculiar which none of the contestants in their previous seasons have did. He says that they are going to compete against one person and that person would decide whether elimination exists this week or not. Rohit shetty photo is shown and he reveals that its him they are going to compete against. He shows a board parted by two sections. One section has Rohit Shetty written on it with stars present on his side while the other section has Khiladis written on it.

Rohit says that for each stunt he would keep a target for the contestants and when the contestant completes the target he would shift one star from his side to the Khiladis side. If the Khiladis doesn’t complete the target then no stars will be transfered. At the end of the day if the stars on Khiladis side exceeds the stars on his side then there’s no elimination this week. However if the stars on his side has larger count then elimination will take place for sure.

Rohit announces the first stunt for the contestants. A drifting car is shown and the contestant a would be present on the roof of the car. Two boxes with coded locks will be present on either side on the roof. A digital board is shown where the contestant will get the code to open the box. However the combination can be anything and the contestant must try all the combinations. The contestant will still be in motion and they need to open the box remembering the codes. After opening the box there would be some letters present inside the box.

A question will appear on the digital board again and the contestant must solve it by sticking the answer on the front of the car using the words in the box to complete the stunt. Rohit’s challenge is that the contestant must answer three questions in four minutes. The contestants chosen for the stunt are Rubina and Jannat. Rubina performs the stunt first but fails to open the box and so loses her star. Jannat performs the stunt next and manages to open the box but couldn’t answer three questions. However Rohit gives a star appreciation of appreciating her effort.

Rohit announces the next stunt for the contestants. A ball shaped cage is shown and the contestants will be placed inside the cage. 10 Discs would be lying on the ground and the contestant must roll the cage from inside so that the discs would get stuck to the cage. Lions would be present outside the cage to interrupt them. The target is that the contestant must collect 10 discs in 10 minutes. If the disc falls off after sticking on the cage it would still not be counted. Rajeev and Mohit performed the stunt. Rajeev collected all the 10 discs in 7 minutes and completed the target. He earned a star for the same. Mohit too performed the stunt but got interrupted by lions a lot and so was manage to collect only 5 discs in 10 minutes. He loses his star.

Rohit plays a fun stunt with Kanika where she’s asked few questions and for every wrong answer, an ostrich egg, feathers and flour are poured on her. Rohit announces the next stunt for three contestants Shivangi, Aneri and Kanika. A cage with animal hyena will be present and the contestant must cross the hyena to get a key. After getting the key the contestant must crawl down a net with water in it with front side up.

The keys will be hanging on the net with current passing through it. The contestant who’s lying on water surface must collect the two keys and get out of the water. They must reach a tunnel where two locks are present and any two keys from the collected ones must be used to open it. The tunnel will have birds and the contestant must find the final key to open the other end of the tunnel and complete the stunt. The target set by Rohit for the stunt is 6 minutes. Rohit puts up on an act to fear the contestants that the hyena bit a crew member.

Shivangi was very scared but still goes in first and perforns the stunt. She successfully completes it. Next Aneri perforns the stunt but want to abort it in the middle. Rohit calmed her and encouraged her go ahead. She managed to reach the tunnel but failed ti find the final key. Rohit himself stops the stunt as the time limit exceeded a lot. Next Kanika starts performing the stunt.

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