Khatron Ke Khiladi 12th September 2021 Written Update: Shweta, Sana and Varun in elimination stunt.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 12th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit asking contestants about whom they want to take revenge and everyone takes Arjun’s name. Rohit gives a fun task for Arjun. The contestants who asked revenge from Arjun will hold a board with a word written on green and hints written on Red. Arjun must make the contestant find out the word on green without using the words on red. In case if he uses the word or the contestant gives wrong answer, then he would get shock. First Varun holds the board, followed by Shweta and Divya. Rohit explains the firs stunt for Arjun, Shweta and Varun. A vaccum tube is immerses in water with flags in it. The contestant must enter the tube and should remove as much flags possible and should hook it in their belt.

 The contestants who collects maximum number of flags will be declared the winner. Rohit gives the information that, last season’s toughest contestant Tejasswi had to quit the show due to this stunt. Her video clipping is shown. He asks then to signal abort in case they couldn’t hold it. Once they signal, the tube gets lifted and the contestant will fall deep in water. First Shweta performs the stunt and collects flags but fails to hook it. Next Varun performs the stunt and collects 3 flags. Finally Arjun performs the stunt and collects 4 flags. Only Arjun gets saved while Varun and Shweta gets fear funda. Rohit praises Arjun for his no nonsense way of performing stunt.

Rohit once again asks the contestant if they want revenge. Everyone raises hand except Rahul. So Rahul becomes the victim. He’s covered with plastic sheet except his face. Different liquids like eggs, cow dung and many more are brought in buckets. Contestants give the reason and pour it on Rahul for revenge. After the fun task, Rohit announces the next stunt for Sana, Vishal and Rahul. The contestant will be in a chopper and few balloons are shown floating in water. The contestant must jump from chopper and should reach the boat attached to one of the balloons. The contestant must row the boat and should reach any one balloon. A bag will be present inside the balloon and the contestant must take the bag and should row the boat again.

The contestant must reach the land and a detonator handle parts will be present inside the bag. The contestant must fix it and pull the detonator. Blast happens making the stunt complete. Sana performs the stunt first. She found it difficult to get on the boat and took lots of time as the boat became upside down. She got on the boat with crew’s help and gets the bag and completes the stunt by blasting the bomb. But she took a lots of time which is over 20 minutes. Next Rahul performs the stunt and completes it in 6+ mins. Vishal couldn’t perform the stunt due to his injury and Varun gave him proxy. Varun performs the stunt and completes it in 8+ mins. Sana gets fear funda.

Rohit finally announces the elimination stunt for Shweta, Sana and Varun. Two trucks are shown and the contestant will be present in one truck. The truck where the contestant is present will go in a narrow way. Another parallel truck is shown with 20 flags in it. The parallel truck will go in zig zag way. The contestant must jump from one truck to parallel truck and should collect one flag. After collecting the flag the contestant must return to their original truck and should hook it. This repeats until both the trucks reach the final point.

The contestants who collect less flags before the truck reaches the end point will be eliminated from the show. The flags will be counted only when its hooked. First Varun performs the stunt and collects 12 flags. Next Shweta performs it and collects 7 Flags. Sana performs the stunt and collected only three flags. Thus Sana gets eliminated from the show and bids good bye to fellow contestants. Shweta, Divyanka, Varun, Vishal, Arjun and Rahul are the six finalists of the season.

Episode ends..

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