Khatron Ke Khiladi 18th April 2020 Written Update: A hellish rain of hot molten wax and fire

Khatron Ke Khiladi 18th April 2020 Written Update on

Rohit starts with the first stunt for fear funda contestants. He announces the elimination stunt for the three contestants Amruta, Tejasswi and Balraj. He explains it with Karishma by pouring hot wax on her. He says that the contestant will be chained on a iron bed. Above the bed the wax will melt and pour on the contestant body.

Using a stick the contestant need to push the off button in order to stop the wax shower and complete the task. The contestant list is as Tejasswi followed by Balraj and Amruta.

Tejasswi performs it first. The wax starts melting and starts pouring on her body. Once Rohit signals get she takes the stick and pushes the four off button completing the task successfully. Next Balraj performs the stunt. The wax starts melting and pours on his body too.

After Rohit’s signal he too pushes the off button successfully and completes the task. Followed by Balraj Amruta takes part in the stunt. However she aborts it soon unable to tolerate the pain. However on Rohit and contestants motivation she tried again but she aborts again. Rohit reads the envelope and says there’s no elimination much to everyone’s happiness.

Rohit and Harsh have some fun moment. Bharti makes her entry. She flirts with Rohit and makes fun of Harsh. Bharti says that she has got licence to torture the contestants. She’s asked to kiss a chameleon for fun.

Rohit explains the next stunt to be a partner stunt. The participants are Darmesh and Balraj and Karishma and Malishka. One partner will be locked with their hands and legs chained and their whole body will be swarmed with bees while the other contestant needs to collects keys from a box of bees and save their partner by opening their locks using the keys.

Darmesh and Balraj takes part in the stunt and Balraj’s hands and legs are locked with bees swarming over her body. Darmesh finds the keys from box of bees and unlocks Balraj completing the task. Next Malishka and Karishma performs the stunt.

Malishka’s hands and legs are locked and Karishma collects the keys from the box of bees and unlocks Malishka completing the task successfully. Darmesh and Balraj completed it in 2 minute and 10 seconds while Karishma and Malishka completed it in 1 minute and 27 seconds. Karishma and Malishka wins the task while Balraj and Darmesh gets the fear funda.

Bharti begins her torture stunt with Tejasswi. A large python is made to crawl on her and she shouts when it tightens its grip on her. She’s asked to sing with the python on her body. Rohit gives the next torture stunt to Bharti. With blindfolded eyes she’s given shock and is asked to sing.

Rohit announces the next task. The contestant will be tied upside down from a height and will be dipped inside the pool time to time. There will be 30 flags inside the pool and the contestant needs to collect maximum number of flags in three minutes. The contestants are Adaa, Karan and Tejasswi.

Adaa is made to perform the stunt first. She tries collecting the flags but gets diverted time to time in her fear. Having given a tough fight she aborts the task. Next Karan performs the stunt. He manges to collect as much flags as possible.

However at the end his legs got entangled with the rope and he gets stuck. He fails collecting alk the flags but completes the task. Tejasswi performs the stunt at last. She manages to collect as much flags as possible and completes the task. Adaa collects 5 flags, Karan collects 24 flags and Tejasswi collects 27 flags. Tejasswi wins the stunt and Adaa and Karan gets fear funda.

Precap : Next stunts and Shivin’s fear.

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