The episode starts Rohit Shetty making his entry riding a bike jumping over a goods train. The y first introduced seven contestants. Later Karishma and Adaa are introduced with their naagin trademark introduction. Rohit decides to give a hero for both Karishma and Adaa. Soon a big snake is brought as their hero and is placed first on Tanna’s shoulder. Karishma is asked to flirt with their partner alias snake followed by Adaa. Both perform their fun stunt of flirting with the snake. Rohit then introduces the Sharukh Khan of television industry alias Karan Patel. He dances with two girls in Sharukh Khan steps. Rohit later introduces Rj Malishka. Finally Amruta is introduced in a funny way.

Rohit asks Tejasswi the reason for coming to the show who says that she came to fight her fear. Rohit asks her to sing a song with a partner shocking her. A baby alligator is brought in a glas case. Tejasswi sings the song taking the alligator in her hands caressing it and successfully finishes it.

Rohit shows the first task for the contestants. A huge railing of six ramps is shown and a ramp moving in the form of lift is shown. The contestant has to jump from one ramp to another collecting the flags from all the six ramps and stick it on the lift. The contestant who completes it with minimal time will be the winner of the task. Darmesh is asked to take the list containing the names of the participant of the stunt from the last ramp. He’s asked to dance on the lift and he does. He reads out the name order of the contestants and comes down.

Karan Patel is the first contestant who performs the task. Karan completes the task successfully collecting all the six flags. After Karan it’s Amruta who’s asked to perform the stunt.At first Amruta misses the lift many times in her fear but soon over comes it. While collecting her fifth flag she misses the ramp and hangs holding the ramp but soon manages it. She too completes the task successfully.

Rohit introduces the fear funda badge and says that Amruta completed the task in 8 minutes and 40 seconds while Karan completed it in 5 minutes and 25 seconds. Amruta becomes the first person to get the fear funda tag of the season.

Rohit calls Karishma for a fun stunt where she’s tied around a balloon pattern and balloons starts bursting near her body parts. She completes it and Rohit announces the next task for the season. He says that they need to find the animal only by touch their body with blinded eyes and should find out the name of the animal.

Incase if they doesn’t find out by touching using the body they will be given the chance to find the animal by touching using hand. For the first try they’ll be given three points and for the second try they’ll be given 1 point. The names of the contestant to perform the task are Balraj, Adaa and Karishma. First Balraj performs the task. Cock roaches are placed on his face followed by Lizard, Leeches and spiders.

Balraj finds out Leeches and spiders by hand touch and completes the task. Next Adaa performs the task. Scorpions are placed on her face and she finds it right by body touch. Next snails are placed on her face and she finds it out by body touch too.

Later rats are placed on her face and she finds it right again by body touch. Finally millipedes are placed on her and she finds it right by hand touch. The final contestant Karishma performs the task. First rats are placed on her face and she finds it by hand touch. Secondly spiders are placed and she fails finding it. Thirdly snakes are placed on her face and she finds it right by body touch.

Finally frogs are placed on her face and she fails finding it. Adaa scores 10 points while both Balraj and Karishma scores 4 points. Both gets a tie and both gets the fear funda tag. Rohit calls Tejasswi for another fun task. She’s asked to sing another song with a spider on her hand. She keeps singing while everyone else leaves for the next location.

Rohit announces the next stunt. In the next task the contestants are asked to run on a running train and collect flags jumping from one bogi to another. After collecting the flags they should switch to the last bogi to collect the last flag and complete the task with a bomb blast. Darmesh and Shivin are selected for the task.

Both Shivin and Darmesh completes it successfully but Darmesh fails hitting the bomb. Shivin completes it in 1 minute and 15 seconds while Darmesh completes it in 55 seconds. However Darmesh makes a mistake by failing to connect the cable for bomb blast. So Rohit gives the fear funda to Darmesh. Karan Patel requests to perform a Sharukh Khan step on the train. Karan and Amruta performs for Chaiyya chaiyya on train. A fun activity with Gorilla dressed person takes place.

recap : Karishma’s task with lion.