Khatron Ke Khiladi 25th September 2021 Written Update: Who are the top 5 contestants?

Khatron Ke Khiladi 25th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit having a discussion with contestants about who’s going to be the winner. They all have fun and Rohit explains the first stunt for Varun, Vishal and Rahul. A pole with two flags is present horizontally at the top. The contestant must crawl on the pole and should collect the two flags. After collecting the two flags the contestant must reach the end of the pole where a very small plate like platform is present. The contestant must stand on the plate and should jump to get the third flag that is hanging in air. Once the contestants collects the fjord flag the stunt gets completed. First Vishal performs the stunt and successfully completes it. Next Varun performs the stunt and completes it too. Finally Rahul’s turn comes but he couldn’t step on the pole due to his back issues. He aborts the stunt. Thus Vishal and Varun gets safe while Rahul gets fear funda for elimination stunt.

Rohit asks about the changes Khatron Ke Khiladi have brought to their life. They say how they got over their small fears due to the show. Rohit announces the next stunt for Arjun, Divyanka and Shweta. A maze is shown and the contestant will be locked inside the maze. The contestant must pass through a platform with currently passing wires hanging above. The contestant must pass a railing where current passes at the top wire. After passing the railing the contestant must pick the key hanging on the current passing wire. After collecting the key, the contestant must again pass the platform with current passing wires hanging and should reach a box. A key will be present in side the box with current passing wires tied around in a messy way. After collecting the second key, the contestant must pass another platform with current and reach a small water tub with current passing board on top of the water.

The contestant must crawl in the water and should collect the third key on the current passing board being inside water and come out. Again the contestant has to pass the current passing platform and should reach another railing with key on current passing wire. After collecting the key, the same way they did with the first one, the contestant must reach the gate where the last 5th key will be hanging with current passing through it. After collecting the fifth key the contestant must open the lock of the gate with one of the five keys and come out of the maze to complete the stunt. First Arjun performs the stunt and completes it in 25 min and 17 Secs. Next Divyanka performs the stunt and completes it in 24 minutes. Finally Shweta performs the stunt but aborts in the middle. She gets fear funda and joins Rahul in elimination stunt.

Rohit lashes out at Rahul and Shweta for aborting stunts in finale. He starts explaining the elimination stunt for them. An aerobatic plane is shown and the contestant will be present inside the plane. The speed and acrobat of the plane increases every two minutes. The contestant must hold on to the red button near their chest and the moment they let it go a white gas comes out from behind meaning that the stunt is done. The contestant who stays in the plane for more time will become the winner. First Rahul performs the stunt and gives it up in 5 min and 27 Sec. Next Shweta performs the stunt after lots of forcing from Rohit and fellow contestants. She gives it up in 9 min and 9 Sec. Shweta emerges our as winner and gets relieved of her fear funda. Rahul gets eliminated and joins Abhinav and Sana as supporters for the contestants.