Khatron Ke Khiladi 26th September 2021 Written Update: Who’s the winner? Arjun or Divyanka?

Khatron Ke Khiladi 26th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit welcoming the ex contestants and invites Aastha and Rahul to sing and welcome the finalists. They give a performance and one by one introduces Divyanka, Arjun, Vishal, Shweta and Varun. Scene shifts to stunt location where Rohit announces that only two stunts will be performer and the best will become the top 3 while the other 2 will be out from the show directly. He announces the first stunt for Vishal, Arjun and Shweta. Two tricks connected with two ropes will move parallel. The contestant will be present on one truck and once the truck starts moving the contestant must move and collect the five flags on the rope before the truck reaches the finish point without falling. First Vishal performs the stunt and collects all 5 flags. Next Arjun performs the stunt and collects 2 flags. Finally Shweta performs the stunt and collects 1 flag. Vishal and Arjun becomes the first finalist while Shweta gets eliminated.

Back to celebration, Rohit asks Shweta to get revenge on someone if she wants. She picks Vishal and a large container is made to fall on him for wrong answers but it turned out to be fake. Next Rohit performs another fun stunt with Nikki, he selects Saurabh, Rahul, Sana and Abhinav and current passing belt is tied on their hand. They must force Nikki to touch the content in a box without seeing it. Everyone tries but no one could make her perform the stunt and gets electrocuted. Back to location, Rohit makes Arjun and Vishal perform a fun quiz stunt by making them sit on a current chair. Rohit announces a dynamic stunt for Divyanka and Varun.

A stunt car is present and the contestant will be present inside the car with precautions. More cars are placed vertically in a line. The contestant must smash the vertically placed cars blasting it and reach the end point. The one who completes it in minimal time will be declared the winner. Divyanka performs the stunt and successfully completes it in 7 Seconds. Varun performs the stunt but got a bit delayed as one car blasted and landed above his stunt car. He completed the stunt in 13 seconds. Varun gets eliminated while Divyanka joins Arjun and Vishal in finale stunt.

Arjun makes Rohit perform a ranking game for different questions. Back to location, Rohit explains the finale stunt for Vishal, Divyanka and Arjun. The contestant must row a boat and reach the first mark. A chopper will fly above the boat once they reached the mark. The contestant must hook the boat to the chopper and the chopper lifts the boat and takes it to the second mark. After reaching the second mark, the contestant must crawl and collect the key which is hanging below the boat and after collecting should dive into water. After diving the contestant must swim and reach the burning house. Using the key, they should unlock the fire extinguisher and use it to out off the fire. After putting off the fire, the contestant must break open the door of the house and should rescue a dummy inside it. After rescuing the dummy they should climb the roof with dummy.

The chopper will land on the roof. The contestant must first put the dummy in the chopper and also get inside the chopper. The chopper will reach the third mark. After reaching the third mark, the contestant must dive into the water and should swim to land. After they successfully reach the land, a blast happens signifying that the stunt is competed. First Vishal performs the stunt but aborts it after collecting the key as he couldn’t swim and reach the boat. Everyone were shocked with the finale stunt abort. Next Divyanka performs it and successfully completes it. Finally Arjun performs it and completes it. Rohit announces the winner as ARJUN BIJLANI.


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