Khatron Ke Khiladi 27th June 2020 Written Update: Partnership week begins after one elimination

Khatron Ke Khiladi 27th June 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit Shetty announcing that Shivin Narang, Balraj Syal and Adaa Khan have to perform the elimination stunt. He asks Balraj whom he thinks should leave and he replies that Shivin should go. When Tejasswi is asked the same question, she takes Balraj’s name saying that he already got a chance before. Adaa takes Shivin’s name as Balraj.

Rohit Shetty explains the task: the contestants must collect flags clinging on a curve pipe placed on the edge of the top of a tall building.

Shivin is the first contestant to do the stunt. He is hesitant first but then finally starts performing and is able to complete it. Adaa’s turn comes and she is scared. She thinks she cannot do it since she fears falling. Everybody cheers for her and she finally starts performing. After lots of efforts, she completes the stunt. The last contestant to perform the elimination stunt is Balraj who completes it as well.

Rohit announces the results: Balraj took 5.31 minutes to complete the stunt, Shivin took 6.31 minutes and Adaa took 6.50 minutes. Everybody is sad since Adaahas to get eliminated. Tejasswi and Rohit praise her. Adaa leaves.

Rohit announces “partnership week” as the theme of the week. He says that he will let them choose the partner and everybody says they want to perform stunt with Dharmesh. Rohit explains the stunt which is a dynamic one: two contestants will have to perform it, one will have to hang to a cable and will have to keep pulling it so that the partner can run to the end of the building and get a flag, run to the other end and then repeat the same until getting finally the Mountain Dew bottle after all the flags. Rohit also adds that only one of the partners will get fear funda, the one who will perform worse.

Tejasswi, Karishma and Dharmesh have to choose their partners: Tejasswi chooses Karan, Dharmesh chooses Shivin so Karishma is left with Balraj.

Karishma and Balraj go to perform the stunt first. After they complete the task, it’s Dharmesh and Shivin’s turn. They complete the stunt as well. Tejasswi and Karan are the last one to perform and complete the stunt.

Karan and Tejasswi did well but Rohit Shetty scares them saying that they made a mistake. The contestants start discussing. Rohit Shetty announces scores: Karishma and Balraj took 5 minutes and 10 seconds, Dharmesh and Shivin took 4 minutes and 40 seconds while Tejasswi and Karan completed the stunt in 4 minutes and 3 seconds. Karan Patel and Tejasswi Prakash win the stunt. Karishma Tanna gets the fear funda.

The team moves to another location where Rohit Shetty asks Shivin, Karan and Balraj to choose their partners. He explains the stunt: the contestants will lie down with their head in a box filled with creepy crawlies and then drag themselves until reaching the screwdrivers with which they shall open the boxes. Karan chooses Dharmesh, Shivin chooses Tejasswi and Balraj and Karishma are partners again.

Karan and Dharmesh go first. Karan is very scared of creepy crawlies and think he won’t be able to do it. He wants to abort. Others try to encourage him.

Episode ends

Precap: Karan says that he won’t be able to do the stunt. Karishma Tanna and Tejasswi Prakash are seen performing a water stunt together and they face difficulties to breath since they are locked in a cage which goes underwater. Rohit Shetty tells the contestants that they will have to deal with fire in the next stunt.