Khatron Ke Khiladi 29th March 2020 Written Update: Shivin and two more contestants goes to elimination stunt.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 29th March 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit welcoming all the contestants. He conducts a fun task with Karan making him sing with big spider, bull frog and lizard. After the completion of the fun task Rohit announces the stunt for the fear funda contestant. He announces that the one who completes the stunt or the one who aborts it will straight away go to the elimination stunt and there won’t ve second chance for the contestant.

Rohit says that it’s a treasure hunt and shows them a room. The room is filled with creepy animals like snakes, rats, worms and many more. The contestant first needs to find six keys that are hidden inside the room with animals in it. After collecting the six keys the person should unlock a box using the keys and collect the flag in the box completing the stunt. Karan, Adaa and Shivin are the contestants to participate in the stunt as they have fear funda. One contestant shouldn’t see the performance of other contestant and thus the other contestants are asked to stay outside.

Karan performs the stunt first and Adaa and Shivin stays out. Karan finds all the keys and unlocks the box. He collect the flag and completes the stunt. Followed by Karan is Adaa who too collects all the keys in less time and unlocks the box. She too collect the flag and completes the stunt. Last goes Shivin who collects four keys but due to his fear for rats he denies proceeding with the stunt and aborts the stunt much to everyone’s shock. Rohit gets disappointed with Shivin. He announces that Adaa and Karan gets safe while Shivin goes for elimination stunt. Karan and Adaa gets relieved of their fear funda. Rohit announces that one more contestant who fails in the upcoming stunts will compete with Shivin in elimination stunt.

Rohit announces the next stunt for the other contestants except Shivin. He shows three boxes and asks Karishma to collect three chits from the box with various animals in it. With each chit he announces that it’s a partner where six contestants will compete and four gets fear funda. He announce the partners are as follows. Karishma and Darmesh, Adaa and Balraj and Tejasswi and Karan. He announces the stunt to the contestant. One partner will be laid in a glass box with their hands and legs tied up with locks that could be unlocked using codes. The other partner must open the three boxes with various animals and collect four codes to unlock the four locks completing the stunt. In the meantime when the box gets opened the animals in the box will be poured on the contestant who’s hands and legs are tied up.

Karishma and Darmesh performs first. Karishma lies in the glass box while Darmesh collects the codes. They both complete the stunt. Followed by them is Adaa and Balraj. Adaa is tied up in the box while Balraj collects the codes. The complete the stunt too. Finally Karan and Tejasswi performs the stunt. Tejasswi gets locked in the box while Karan unlocks her. They both successfully completes it too. Karan and Tejasswi win the stunt by completing it in minimal time and the other four gets fear funda.

Rohit announces the next stunt for the fear funda contestant except Shivin which is also a partner stunt. The couple who fails in the stunt has to join Shivin in the elimination stunt. He makes Tejasswi jump for fun task. He announces the partners as Karishma and Darmesh and Adaa and Balraj. A contestant will be locked with three locks inside a box dipped in water till knees. Another contestant has to divine in and save the locked up contestant unlocking the locks of the box. Once the stunt starts the box starts dipping inside the water more and more. After unlocking their partner both the contestants has to swim and reach the mark and hit it to complete the stunt. Adaa says that she’s injured and Rohit offers only one substitute for her and that’s Shivin. Shivin volunteers to perform instead of Adaa.

First Karishma and Darmesh performs the stunt. Darmesh gets locked up while Karishma dives in and unlocks him. They both hit the mark and completes the stunt. Next Shivin and Balraj performs the stunt. Shivin gets locked uo while Balraj dives in to unlock him. Balraj took much time and Shivin gets drowned. Unable to tolerate more Shivin aborts the task. Thus Karishma and Darmesh becomes the winner and gets rid of their fear funda. Adaa and Balraj goes to elimination stunt along with Shivin.