Khatron Ke Khiladi 2nd May 2020 Written Update: Karishma Tanna and Shivin Narang skip the stunt

Khatron Ke Khiladi 2nd May 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tejasswi nominating herself and Malishka for elimination stunt. Malishka denies doing the stunt and Tejasswi pleads her to take part of the stunt. Malishka leaves the decision on Rohit. Rohit asks Tejasswi to say two other names. Tejasswi cries and Karan consoles her. Tejasswi volunteers to do the stunt first. Rohit calls her decision wrong as even after giving her best she’s taking part in elimination stunt.

Tejasswi performs the stunt first. Lots of worms and rats atr poured ob her. She releases her handcuff and finds all the pieces of stick and rings the bell completing the task. Malishka performs the stunt next and takes a lots of time. Malishka aborts the stunt in the middle. Rohit announces that Malishka should leave the show as she has quit the elimination stunt. Malishka takes her leave. Rohit calls them for the next location of the stunt.

Rohit announces the next stunt for the day. Four long poles made of wood is seen with flags hanging on them. The contestant has to jump from one pole to another collecting all the flags and then collect the last flag hanging on the crane and complete the task. Adaa khan and Darmesh are chosen for the stunt. They both are given a task to chose who should do the stunt first. Darmesh wins the task and gets advantage of time.

Adaa performs the stunt and completes it too but fails collecting the last hanging flag. Later Darmesh performs the stunt and completes it collecting all the flags successfully getting his advantage.
Next Tejasswi is given a fun task to take out the names of the contestants for the next stunt and also the order of the stunt.

The next contestant to perform the stunt are Karan and Karishma respectively. They are asked to shift colored drinks from one tray to another but they will be electrocuted in the meantime. The one who collects maximum glasses of drinks will be announced the winner. Karan collects 9 glasses while Karishma collects 8 glasses. Karan wins the stunt and gets the advantage of locks. While Karishma has to perform it with 9 locks Karan has to perform it with 6 locks has a benefit if the advantage

Rohit announces the stunt for Karishma and Karan. Karan performs it first. He’s locked inside a glass box of water with various locks around his body. Various types of reptiles like snakes and beavers are placed inside the glass box along with him. Karan unlocks all the locks and completes the stunt successfully. Karishma then takes part in the stunt and completes it successfully too. Rohit announces that Karishma beat Karan by 3 seconds and Karan gets his first fear funda.

Precap : Balraj performs dangerous stunt. Karan’s difficult elimination stunt. Karishma’s fun stunt.

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