Khatron Ke Khiladi 3rd May 2020 Written Update: Amruta Khanvilkar fails to complete the task

Khatron Ke Khiladi 3rd May 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit pulling Tejasswi’s leg and then saying that they shall play a game in which they have to put cream on the face of the contestant who fits right as the answer to the question Rohit asks.

After the game is done, Rohit says that the stunt will be between Tejasswi and Amruta, and for that they have to do a task first in order to get the advantage since advantage week is going on. He says that the one who will eat more ice cream without touching it will get the advantage. Amruta has asthma so she can’t eat ice cream. Balraj does the task on his place and wins it getting the advantage.

Rohit announces that it will be a partner stunt: one contestant will be locked in a crashed plane which is in water and the other will have to swim to the plan and then unlock six locks from wings. The twist is that the plane will keep going under water so if the partner in the plane will abort the stunt, the stunt will end. Once the partner in the plane gets freed, both have to swim to the poolside and take sip of mountain dew placed there.

Amrutha has the advantage of choosing the partner and going second. Amrutha chooses Balraj so Shivin and Tejasswi will do the stunt together.

Tejasswi and Shivin do the stunt first. Tejasswi takes all the keys and does it quickly. She goes to open the locks but the plane starts going under water. Shivin holds his breath. Karan suggests Amruta not to take all the six keys in a go like Tejasswi did. Tejasswi unlocks all the locks and then Shvin comes out. They swim to the poolside and take sip of Mountain dew completing the stunt.

It’s Amrutha and Balraj’s turn now. Balrajis locked in the plane. Amruta swims but has difficulties so Balraj suggests her to open some locks with the keys she got first. Amruta does that but she has difficulties with opening the locks. The plane starts going under water. Amruta aborts the stunt.

Amruta and Balraj get the fear funda after aborting after 5 minutes and 17 seconds while Tejasswi and Shivin win it after completing it in 4 minutes and 11 seconds.

The next day the contestants are seen in next location. Rohit pulls Amruta and Karan’s leg since they got fear funda also after getting advantage.  Then he shows horses which will be there in the stunt.

Rohit explains the stunt: they will have to lie down with hockey stick in hands and they will have to hit the targets which they will find in the route. They will be dragged by the horses. Adaa and Karan have to do the stunt.

To get the advantage, Adaa and Karan have to separate Madagascar cockroaches from the box which has other bugs too in one minute. The one who will find more Madagscar cockroaches will get the advantage. Adaa wins the task and get the advantage according to which she will have 60 targets instead of 50 so has more chances to hit them. She will go second as well.

Karan does the stunt first and hits many targets with the hockey stick. He completes the stunt. Adaa does the stunt too but she couldn’t see anything because the glasses covered her eyes and didn’t hit many targets.

Rohit says that she has hit 14 targets while Karan has hit 27 targets. Karan gets rid of fear funda.  Adaa will have to do elimination stunt now.

Rohit and other contestants play prank on Karishma making her lie in front of a horse and covering her eyes. She thought the horse was hitting her but it was just Rohit who was throwing drops of waters on her.

They shift to next location and it’sBalraj and Amruta’s turn to do the stunt and get rid of fear funda winning it. Amruta will go first and Balraj second.

Rohit explains the stunt: he shows a wheel and the contestant will have to stand above the wheel which will start rotating, the speed will keep increasing and the contestant has to run keeping the balance. Time will be noted and the one who will stay on it longer will win.

The advantage task will take place first. Amruta and Balraj have to open the two laces tied around monitor lizards and the one who will open first will get the benefit. Amruta is able to open it fast and gets the advantage: when she will perform the task, the speed will gradually increase while during Balraj’s time the speed will immediately get faster.

Amruta does the stunt first. The speed of the wheel starts increasing gradually. She slips and falls down. Amruta cries for not being able to do the stunt nicely once again. Karan and Karishma comfort her.

Balraj performs the stunt and is able to do it pretty well. Rohit announces the scores: Amruta stayed up until 1 minute and 18 seconds while Balraj managed to stay there for 2 minutes and 27 seconds so he wins it and Adaa and Amruta have to perform the elimination stunt

Before going to next location, Rohit makes Dharmesh dance on the wheel. “Proper Patola” plays.

Episode ends

Precap: Balraj is locked inside a box and snakes crawl around his body. Later Shivin is seen doing a stunt in which she is hanging on a curve pipe on the top of a building. Karan struggles to do his water stunt and says he won’t be able to do it.