Khatron Ke Khiladi 4th July 2020 Written Update: Karan and Karishma in elimination stunt

Khatron Ke Khiladi 4th July 2020 Written Update On

The episode starts with a fun stunt for Shivin. Various dirty stuffs are thrown at him first by Tejaswi Prakash followed by others. After it, rohit explains the first stunt for the day.

The first stunt is a partner stunt. First contestant must light their hands with fire and light up the sticks placed on three poles. After lighting up the sticks the first contestant must light the fire at the back of the second contestant. Using the fire at the back the second contestant must light up three mannequins and reach the safe zone to put off the fire. The contestants assigned for the tasks are Karishma, Tejasswi and Balraj.

Tejasswi chooses Karan as her partner while Karishma chooses Darmesh. Balraj ends with Shivin. Balraj and Shivin performs the stunt first and completes it quickly too.

Balraj lights up his hand while Shivin lights up his back. Followed by them Karishma and Darmesh takes part of the stunt. Karishma lights her hand and Darmesh lights his back. They too complete the stunt. Finally Tejasswi and Karan performs the stunt. Tejasswi lights her hand while Karan lights up his body. Balraj and Shivin completes the stunt in least seconds and wins the stunt. Karishma and Darmesh loses the stunt and Karishma gets fear gunda.

Rohit performs a fun stunt with Karishma with creepy crawlies and bursting mini bombs. Next Rohit explains the second stunt for the day. It’s again a partner stunt where a contestant will be place on a sluge and the sluge will be connected to a rotor of a moving vehicle. The contestant on the sluge should collect the flags from the truck that follows behind the sluge. The other contestant should control the rotor enabling the sluge contestant to pick the flag. After collecting the flag the sluge contestant must give it to the rotor contestant and should again leave to collect the other flags.

The contestants selected for the stunt are Darmesh and Shivin. Darmesh wins the partner selection task and selects shivin for himself and Balraj for shivin. He proposes Shivin and Balraj to perform first.
Balraj and Shivin performs the stunt and collects all the flags completing the stunt. Followed by them is Darmesh and Karan. Karan seems to lose his grip a bit but manages to recover soon. They collect all the flags too and completes the stunt. Darmesh and Karan wins the stunt completing it in less time. Shivin gets fear funda and joins Karishma and Karan for elimination stunt.

Rohit gives a fun stunt to Karan and Tejasswi. Karan makes her dance while making fun of her. Rohit announces the elimination stunt for Karishma, Karan and Shivin. The contestant must enter the dark tunnel and there will be various animals inside it. The contestant must collect three keys from the dark place.

Then the contestant must open the shutter using the keys and go to another normal tunnel where snakes and iguanas present inside. The contestant must collect three keys from the tunnel searching it and unlock the shutter to come out of the place. Soon they would enter another tunnel that contains crocodiles and monitor lizards. The contestant must collect three more keys from the place and unlocks the door to complete the stunt.


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Shivin performs the stunt first and completes it successfully. Karishma goes next and completes it too. Finally karan chose to abort after entering as he couldn’t overcome his fear. Karan gives an emotional adieu and leaves the place while Karishma and Shivin gets relieved of their fear funda. However twist comes when it’s proclaimed as no elimination and Karan returns to the team.

Precap : More difficult stunts for contestants. Tejasswi struggles in stunt and gets injured. She chooses to leave the show due to her health condition.