Khatron Ke Khiladi 5th September 2021 Written Update : Divyanka wins Ticket to finale.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 5th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohit announces the first stunt for the contestant which is a partner stunt. All the contestants must take part in the stunt. A partner will be swinging using hands using a crane and the crane will move with the partner on. Once the crane stops the partner must let go off their hand and should jump in water. After jumping into the water the contestant must find the ladder and should climb up on it after climbing up the ladder the contestant must light the fire stick and must set the rope of a Canon to fire. Once the fire is set the Canon fires the other partner in it making them fly and go into the water. After reaching the water, the other partner must swim and reach the tube boat and should press the switch where smoke bomb erupts. Once the smoke bomb is released, the stunt gets completed. The partners for the stunt are Varun and Rahul, Divyanka and Abhinav and Vishal and Arjun. Varun and Rahul performs the stunt with Rahul in the Canon. They complete the stunt in 1 min and 30 seconds.

Divyanka and Abhinav performs the stunt with Divyanka in the Canon. They complete the stunt in 1 min and 09 seconds. Finally Vishal and Arjun performs the stunt with Vishal in the Canon. They completes it in 1 min and 43 seconds. Vishal and Arjun gets out of the ticket to finale race while the other four move for the next stunt.

Rohit announces the second stunt for the remaining four contestants which is also a partner stunt. One contestant must be present in the driver seat of a car with its steering locked. The other contestant must run and collect the key from the trolley that is present before the car and should enter the car. They must unlock the steering and the partner who just entered should wear the helmet. After wearing the helmet the trolley will start moving with flags on both sides.

There will be 10 flags present on each side of the trolley and the contestant must pick the flags driving on a sliding platform on both the sides. The partners who collects all the 20 flags will emerge out as winner. The partners for the stunt are Abhinav and Varun and Divyanka and Rahul. Rohit gives an advantage stunt for Shweta and Vishal and if Shweta wins then Divyanka can choose who should perform first and if Vishal wins Varun team can decide who should perform first. Two boxes with diagonally connected threads are present and a ring is present in the box. Current will pass through Shweta and Vishal once they touch the box and the one who first takes out the ring will be winner.

Vishal emerges out as the winner and Varun’s team opts to go second. So Rahul and Divyanka performs the stunt first with Rahul in driver seat. They both collects 13 flags before their car flips. Next Varun and Abhinav performs the stunt with Abhinav in driving seat. They collects 10 flags in total. Rahul and Divyanka emerges out as winner and gets ready for face off in the final stunt of ticket to finale.

Rohit announces the final stunt between Rahul and Divyanka. A bus is seen hanging and both the contestant will be present on the top of the bus. Two dummys are present hanging on the tires of the bus. The contestant must climb the ladder on either side of the bus and gets down to the ground. Once reaching the ground they must bring down the dummys using pulley. After bringing down the dummy they must move to the car Bonnet and a detonator pulley pieces will be present inside the bonnet. After assembling the detonator pulley they must fix it in the detonator and should pump it. Once it’s done the bus will fall down bursting.

Divyanka and Rahul performs the stunt. Divyanka first rescues her dummy and pumps the detonator while Rohit pulled Rahul away before the bus blasts. Thus Divyanka becomes the winner of ticket to finale stunt.

Rohit welcomes the contestants for semi finale week. He also announces that there will be double elimination in the end. He announces the first stunt for Vishal, Sana and Arjun. A tunnel is shown in water with air pockets present on the top. The contestant must enter the tunnel and can use air pockets if air is needed. After reaching the third pocket the path will be closed with net. A cutter will be present in the side and the contestant must cut the net and should pass through the next air pocket. Again a net with cutter will be present.

After passing it too the contestant must face the third net before exiting the tunnel. The stunt gets completed once the contestant comes out of the tunnel. Vishal performs first but he comes out without performing as he was scared. Rohit and Shweta motivated him to go again but he again back saying that it was dark. Rohit gives him lamp and sends him in but he’s still scared.

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