Khatron Ke Khiladi weekly highlights

Adaa Khan and Amrutha Khanvilkar perform the elimination task. Adaa Khan performs the task exceptionally well whereas Amrutha performs it beyond expectation. The contestants are amazed to see her perform well. The task was a tie but due to lose on one eel Amrutha Khanvilkar loses the elimination round.

The next task is a partner task which is performed by Karan Patel- Adaa Khan and Karishma Tanna – Tejasswi Prakash. Adaa smartly plays the weight stunt whereas Karan Patel finds it difficult to open the locks. After numerous task he aborts the task. It was a clear disappointment to Adaa as well as the contestants as they wanted him to be patient and wait. Even after Rohit Shetty guiding him, he was not able to take the advice. Later the stunt is performed by Tejasswi Prakash and Karishma Tanna. Karishma brilliantly completes the weighted task. Tejasswi Prakash on another hand brilliantly with diligence opens the locks and shocks everyone. Her courage, alertness, and smartness is applauded by Rohit Shetty the contestants as well as the audience. Rohit Shetty praises them by saying that he can see a finalist in them.

Another creepy crawly stunt is performed by Shivin Narang, Balraj Dyal, and Dharmesh. Shivin Narang is skeptical before doing the stunt but tries his level best. He tries to calm himself by singing but in vain. He aborts the mission which disappoints the fans, contestant and himself also. He was determined to complete but he couldn’t. Balraj while completing the stunt faces the trouble of a snake going inside his clothes which makes the contestants laugh their heart loud . He makes himself firm and completes the task. Dharmesh performs this stunt exceptionally well and very less time then others whereas Shivin Narang gets the fear ka fanda.

Rohit Shetty again makes Karan Patel do a weird stunt. He asks him to act SRK’s dialogues keeping spider, frog creepy crawlies in his hand and head . Karan Patel,Adaa Khan and Shivin Narang performs the next stunt which is Treasure Hunt . Adaa Khan perfroms the task brilliantly and in less time following Karan Patel whereas Shivin Narang aborts the task. The contestants show their disappointment and try to rectify Shivin.  With the end of treasure hunt Shivin NArang enters the elimination round.

The next stunt has a mindboggling twist which says that this task will be performed in pairs and out of 6, 4 will face the fear ka fanda. Partners are made such as Karishma Tanna and Dhramesh, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Patel, Adaa Khan and Balraj Syal. This task is completed by all 6 of them but the fastest among them is performed by Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Patel. Rohit Shetty applauds them as now they are out of danger.

The later task is performed to know who is gping to the elimination round with Shivin Narang. This stunt is performed exceptionally well by Karishma Tanna and Dhramesh. As Adaa Khan cannot go in to chlorinated water cause of her injury Shivin Narang will be her subsitute . Shivin Narang and Balraj Syal, both arent swimmers and find it difficult to complete the task. Later Shivin Narang aborts the task as he cannot breathe inside the water. This brings Adaa Khan, Balraj Syal and Shivin Narang in the elimination round .

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