Khatron Ke Khiladi: What? Mohit and Rubina to fight being in same team?

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Colors TV popular show Khatron Ke Khiladi is back with season 12 with an impressive set of contestants as every year. It is the fifth week and its a team week where the team with most number of fear funda contestants will face elimination stunt.

In today’s episode Rubina’s team faced elimination stunt due to maximum number of fear funda contestants. Now it will be seen that Mohit and Rubina will have an argument during a stunt.

Previously we have seen that, Faisu being the winner chose Jannat for the next water stunt while Chetana chose Rajeev. Jannat while performing the stunt and was forced to abort due to medical reasons. Rajeev completed the stunt and became winner.

Jannat got fear funda. Next Rajeev being the winner chose Sriti to his team for the next stunt while Jannat chooses Kanika for the dynamic stunt against Sriti. Since none chose Pratik he straight away goes to elimination stunt.

Kanika aborted the stunt in the middle and got fear funda while Sriti Jha completed it and became the winner. Having many number of fear funda contestants Rubina’s team had to choose two contestants to join Pratik in the elimination stunt.

After lots of discussion, Kanika and Jannat joined Pratik in the elimination stunt. Though both Jannat and Kanika couldn’t complete the stunt as they fell in water while performing the stunt, Pratik aborted the stunt even before starting due to vertigo. Pratik gets eliminated for the same.

In the future episodes we will witness, Mohit and Rubina will have an argument as Mohit will ask Rubina to perform a snake stunt which she’s not willing to. Rubina will disown her team out of frustration. Tushar will get drenched in water from opposite team while performing the stunt to disrupt his stunt.

Who do you think will win this season of kkk? Who’s your favourite contestant of the season? Who do you think will get eliminated next?

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