Kidnapping drama ahead in Choti Sardarni!

Colors TV drama Choti Sardarni will next see Param will be kidnapped.
Currently, in the show it is seen, Sarab gets adamant to divorce Meher and send her back after learning that she is carrying someone else’s child. He asked Meher to distance herself from Param but Meher feel bad for breaking Param’s heart. Ahead, Param sees divorce papers and questions Meher about the same. Meher covers up the talk and Meher, Sarabjeet celebrates Param’s birthday together.

Later, Sarab takes Meher back to her house to perform the ritual. Everyone questions Meher why she came back for the pagfera after so long. Sarab explains to them that they were busy with Param’s birthday and other things. Further, Kulwant goes to Meher and tries to explain her again as to how much she loves her. Meher doesn’t react to hearing her. Kulwant says she will wait for the day when she will forgive her and will hug her. She adds and for this moment to happen she can wait her whole life but till then she asks Meher to at least show fake love in front of outsiders.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Param will get kidnapped.

Meher will try to make Param jealous. Here, Dolly will receive a piece of shocking news. Shortly, after that Meher will find out about Kulwant’s lie. Afterward, Sarab will receive a call from an unknown person and will stand shocked learning that Param is being kidnapped. Meher will stand shocked too.
What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.

How Meher and Sarab will rescue Param from kidnappers’ trap will be watching worthy. Do Kulwant is behind Param’s kidnapping or someone else is plotting against Meher and Sarah? Well, for all the answers keep watching the show Mon-Fri on Colors channel.

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