Kizhakku Vasal: Natesan’s wicked plan

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Kizhakku vasal is a newly launched Vijay TV show. Renuka, the adopted daughter of the patriarch Annamalai, strives for acceptance and love while batting forces that threatens their extended family’s unity

In the previous episode we saw; Renuka is excited to meet Panchali. She admires Panchali. She wishes to become a great lawyer like Panchali in future.

Panchali fails to meet her. Day blocks Arjun’s card to make him understand that money is important than Renuka. Daya blocks Arjun’s card. Arjun fills the petrol tank. He notices that he forgot to bring the money and card. He tried to pay using UPI. He can’t even pay the money with it.

Shanmugam saves him from the humiliation. He offered money to him. Daya tells him that money is important. If he has no money in his hand then he shouldn’t expect respect from others. Saamiyappan joined in a new work.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Saamiyappan lies to his family about his new job. Natesan feels happy when his father understands the value of money. Renuka returns to home in late night.

Mangai advises Shanmugam not to worry about Renuka. She asks him to take rest. Later, Saamiyappan feels helpless when he couldn’t arrange fees for Renuka

What will happen next? Will Daya accept Arjun and Renuka’s love?

Will Daya create a problem in family?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates