Komolika threatens Anurag in Kasauti Zindgai Kay

Show Kasauti Zindagi Kay will witness interesting twist and turn. In the show ahead we will see Anurag will reveal why he tried killing Prerna.

In the episodes it is seen Prerna decides to avenge Anurag and comes back India. The hit and miss moment happens between Anurag and Prerna at the airport. Prerna hears Anurag’s voice and decides not to reveal herself to him.

Here, Komolika the past. She discloses how 8 years ago she blackmailed Anurag. In the flashback it is seen Komolika reaches the spot where Anurag, Viraj and Prerna were fighting. She sees the video that shows the angle where one can easily prove Prerna killed Viraj. She then decides to blackmail Anurag.

Now in the upnext will see, in the flashback: Komolika will reveal to Anurag that she is not Sonolika but Komolika. She will show him the video and will threaten him that if he will not throw Prerna out from his life than she will send her jail for killing Viraj.

Back to reality, Anurag will pray in front of Goddess Durga and will reveal that he intentionally killed Prerna to save her from the wrath of Komolika. Other side, Prerna will vow in front of Goddess Durga too to destroy Anurag and Komolika.

It will be interesting to watch if Do Prerna will learn why Anurag tried to kill her? What next will happen when Komolika will learn about Prerna’s being alive? For all the answers keep watching Kasauti Zindagi Kay mon-sat at 8 AM.

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