Krishna Chali London: Radhe Radhe!

In Star Plus’s popular drama series ‘Krishna Chali London’, Radhe is becoming more and more successful in winning Krishna’s respect with showing his act of kindness one after another. While Krishna sees good in Radhe’s deed and likes him as a person, Veer will try to convince her let her see the reason but Krishna will ignore Veer’s point of view. Instead she will refuse to listen to Veer’s reasoning and keeps on believing on Radhe more and more.


In an upcoming episode, amidst all the legal debacle going round in the show, the matter will reach to the police station. In the police station, Radhe will make a very surprising and unexpected request. The request will shock both Krishna and Veer. So, what might be the request is all about? It is kept suspense for letting the audiences enjoy the thrill as it happens.



Radhe will meanwhile devise a new plan apart from what is already happening now in the show. While Radhe is busy devising the plan, on the other side, Veer will learn a shocking fact. We can speculate that the shocking fact that Veer will learn during the upcoming track has something to do with Radhe’s intentions in a nutshell. Will Veer be able to make Krishna see reasons and believe in himself instead of Radhe? What will be the new dimension of the story with trouble of understanding each other’s point of view between Krishna and Veer? Will their ideologies further drift apart? Or will Veer be able to convince Krishna?