Krishna Chali London: Veer learns a shocking truth about Sunaina

Shocking twist ahead in Krishna Chali London, as Veer comes to know about the master mind that is behind presenting Mohan as Radhey.

Show Krishna Chali London is witnessing high drama. Veer and Krishna plans a trap for Mohan. Sunaina calls Mohan and ask if he hit Shukala. There, to trap Mohan, Veer and Krishna fakely discloses their plan so that Mohan can hear and react. Later, Krishna shouts and tells Veer that she has filed divorce and asks him to sign without any drama. They both fight to show impostor Radhe that don’t like to be together.

Veer goes and check CCTV footage of the area where Shukala’s accident took place. He gets stunned seeing Mohan pusing Shukala in front of running truck. Veer says to Krishna that they should execute their plan smartly. Otherside, Bilal informs Mohan that Veer gets the CCTV footage. Later, Sunaina comes to Shukala house with a hidden motive.

Now in the upcoming episode will see, Sunaina will come to ask about Shukala. She will go to Mohan and will ask to run away from there. Mohan will say he will not go leaving Krishna. Sunaina searches for pendrive and Veer will be shocked learning she is the master mind behind the whole drama. Veer will learn about Mohan’s secret accomplice and after knowing about this secret accomplice he will get devastated. He will get shocked and confused and will think how to deal with the situation. Later, Radhey will go to extreme lengths to target Veer and Krishna.

What is Mohan’s plan? What Veer will do now and what will be Krishna’s reaction after learning Sunaina’s truth. For all the answer keep watching Krishna Chali London on star plus.

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