Krishna Mohini 10th June 2024 Written Update: Krishna gets Rajshri’s responsibility

Krishna Mohini 10th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aryaman asks Krishna that what happened to her now when she was fine two days back. He asks her that whether it’s bothering her that he signed on the divorce papers. Krishna tells him that he is right. She says that it was an forced marriage and she should not have come there. He tells her that she is there so why she is leaving him. She thinks that she can’t tell him that Mohan want to become a girl. He tells her that he don’t know her reason. He asks her to not leave and let him do what he wants to do for them in this six months relationship. She leaves from there.

Next day, Rajshri does puja and feels dizzy. Krishna helps Rajshri. Dadi sees this and calls everyone. She tells everything to Aryaman. Aryaman says that he will call the doctor. Isha checks Rajshri’s blood pressure and says it’s low. Rajshri says that she can’t be fine when Krishna is in the house. Krishna brings sugarwater for Rajshri. Aryaman forces Rajshri to drink it. Isha says that Rajshri’s blood pressure is becoming normal.

Aryaman asks Krishna that whether she can take care of Rajshri. Rajshri tells him that she won’t allow that. Aryaman tells Rajshri that he think Krishna can win the latter’s heart by spending with her. Anshuman tells Rajshri that Aryaman cares about her. Aryaman asks Rajshri to vent out her anger on him, but not punish her health.

Krishna thinks that Aryaman and Rajshri’s bond ruined because of her. She requests Rajshri to let her take care of the latter for six months for Aryaman’s sake. She says that Rajshri matters for Aryaman. Dadi asks Rajshri to agree. Rajshri agrees. Aryaman tells thanks to Rajshri. He hope Krishna don’t think to leave again. He tells Krishna that he will drop Mohan in the college. Dhaniya tells him that Mohan left for college.

Meanwhile, Sid drops Piya and Mohan in the college. Piya goes inside. Mohan’s classmate gives notes to Mohan. Sid teasingly asks Mohan that what is all this. Mohan pretends like getting shy and goes inside. Sid recalls that how he learnt about Anuradha from Piya and also how Krishna behaved in the college. He meets his friend and asks him to keep an eye on Mohan and Anuradha. He thinks that if his doubt is right then he will end Krishna’s game.

Krishna wonders why Mohan did not tell her before going to college. She gets worried when Piya did not pick the phone. She is about to burn her face but Aryaman saves her and he burns his finger. She asks him that whether he is fine. He scolds her for not taking care of herself.

Mohan searches Anuradha to apologize to her. He sees Anuradha and apologizes to her on behalf of Krishna. He tells her that he want to become a girl. Anuradha asks him to do it. She says that Mohan won’t feel suffocated after becoming a girl. He asks her to talk to Krishna. She tells him that Krishna will understand him. Sid’s friend sees them.

Episode ends.

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