Krishna Mohini 11th June 2024 Written Update: Aryaman questions Krishna’s decision

Krishna Mohini 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode begins with Krishna does puja to Tulsi plant. She asks gardener that where the latter is going in hurry. Gardener tells her that he has to go home to take his grandson to Baba. She thinks that she also should take Mohan to Baba. She tells him that she want to take Mohan to Baba. She gets Baba’s address. Aryaman overhears their conversation. He wonders why Krishna want to take Mohan to Baba.

In the college, Mohan recalls that how Anuradha told him to do costume design for fashion show and express his feelings. He smiles seeing Anuradha’s number.

Ananya asks Aryaman that why he is working from home and what happened to his meeting. Aryaman tells her that he postponed his meeting. She suggests to book a bungalow and give one crore rupees to Krishna. Krishna tells Ananya that she don’t want anything. She says that she got married to Aryaman and it was not business deal.

Piya and Mohan comes there. Aryaman asks Mohan that how was first day at college. Mohan happily replies that it was very good. Piya tells Aryaman that Mohan gave his name to participate in freshers fashion show. She says that Mohan will design costume for girls. Krishna asks why only for girls. Mohan says that someone else is designing for boys so Anuradha told him to design for girls. Aryaman asks Krishna that whether she is not happy. Krishna lies to him that she is happy and goes inside.

Mohan enters his room. Krishna asks Mohan that what is all this. She tells Mohan to get ready because they are going somewhere. After some time, she takes Mohan to meet Baba. Baba asks Krishna that what is her problem. Krishna tells Baba that she wants to talk to him alone. Mohan understands that Krishna came there to talk about him. Baba takes them inside. Aryaman sees this. He tries to go inside.

Baba asks Krishna to share the problem. Krishna tells Baba that she thinks there is bad shadow around Mohan. Baba asks her that why she thinks like that. She hesitates to answer. Mohan says that Krishna won’t answer so he will say. He reveals that he is boy but he wants to become a girl. Krishna tells Baba that Mohan was not like this before. Baba tells Krishna that Mohan’s thinking is wrong so he will solve the problem.

Mohan asks Krishna that whether she thinks he is not well. Baba tells Krishna to wait outside. Mohan tells Krishna that he is fine. He says that he won’t forgive Krishna if she left him alone then. Krishna leaves from there and waits outside. She wonders whether she took wrong decision. She goes inside and scolds Baba for beating Mohan with whip. Mohan blames Krishna for everything. He tells her that she is not his mother. Aryaman comes there and scolds Krishna for bringing Mohan there. He asks her that why she brought Mohan there. Krishna asks Aryaman that why he followed her. He asks her that what is she hiding from him.

Episode ends.

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