Krishna Mohini 1st June 2024 Written Update: Krishna signs on the divorce papers

Krishna Mohini 1st June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan says that pink color is looking good on her. Krishna asks Mohan that what if anyone sees this. He tells her that she is looking beautiful and he want to look beautiful like her. She asks him to drink lemonade. He tells her that he want to speak truth today. He reminds her that his body is male but feelings are female. He says that he saw the people who were like him in the pride parade. He says that they were happy because they accepted their identity. He adds that he don’t care what others says about him.

He asks her to make him get ready like her. She asks him to keep quiet. She tells him that he is not in sense today. He tells her to accept him the way he is. He says that he want to become a girl and he dances.

Aryaman comes there. Mohan smiles at Aryaman. Aryaman asks what’s happening. Krishna tells him that Mohan is drunk. She warns Mohan to shut up. She tells Aryaman that Mohan will apologize to everyone tomorrow. Everyone comes there. Krishna apologizes to everyone on behalf of Mohan. Rajshri says that few mistakes will have punishment only. Krishna asks them to punish her.

Aryaman asks Mohan that why the latter drank alcohol. Mohan tells Aryaman that he drank juice only. Rajshri says that tomorrow Mohan will go to Dwarka. Krishna tells Rajshri that Mohan won’t repeat the mistake. She pleads Rajshri to not separate her and Mohan. She says that Mohan can’t live without her and Mohan has no one in Dwarka to take care of him.

Aryaman asks Krishna to not plead. Ananya says that no one will separate Krishna and Mohan. She reveals that tomorrow lawyer will come with divorce papers so Krishna can leave with Mohan after divorcing Aryaman. Aryaman tells Ananya that they did not discuss about divorce. Rajshri tells him it was her decision and she know he will accept her decision. Srijila says that marriage is joke for Aryaman and divorce is joke for Rajshri. She adds that media won’t spare them. Ananya tells Srijila to not tell anyone about divorce. She asks Rajshri to tolerate Mohan until the divorce. She takes Aryaman from there.

Next day, Aryaman recalls Ananya’s words about divorce. He wonders why it’s bothering him when divorce was supposed to happen one day. He thinks that even Krishna want divorce. Krishna comes there. He falls down while exercising. She goes to him and blows his shoulder. She asks him that whether he is fine. They shares an eye lock. She asks him to suggest good collage for Mohan. He tells her that he talked to Piya’s collage about Mohan’s admission. She tells him that she will pay the money later. Anshuman tells them about lawyer’s arrival.

Lawyer tells everyone that divorce can’t happen before 6 months. Ananya tells Krishna to sign on the divorce papers. Krishna signs on it. Ananya asks Aryaman to sign it. Aryaman looks at Krishna.

Episode ends.

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