Krishna Mohini 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Krishna helps Aryaman to apply ointment

Krishna Mohini 2nd June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Krishna signs on the divorce papers. Mohan gets sad seeing this. Ananya asks Aryaman to sign on the divorce papers. Aryaman recalls that how he promised to take Krishna’s responsibility and how Srjila talked about Kakkars and Mehta’s separation. He signs on the divorce papers. Lawyer leaves from there with divorce papers.

Krishna goes to her room. Mohan asks her that why signed on the divorce papers. He tells her to promise to not get separated from Aryaman. Krishna says that no use of loveless marriage. She picks Ratna’s call and learns that Mohan scored well. She hugs Mohan and tells congratulations to him. She says that she will go to temple to do puja for Mohan. She hears a noise and leaves from there. Mohan finds visiting card which he got in pride parade.

Aryaman asks Rajshri that why she did work. Ananya asks Rajshri that whether she should call the doctor. Rajshri says that this is just a sprain and she will be fine after applying ointment. She wonders who will make prasad for puja. She asks Srijila to make it. Srijila says that she don’t know to make prasad. Krishna says that she can make prasad. Rajshri says that she did not accept Krishna as her daughter in law so no need of it. She asks Ananya to make it. Ananya says that she don’t know to make it. Rajshri tells Ananya that she will send recipe. She warns Krishna to stay away from puja.

Mohan helps Piya in dress designing. Piya goes to talk on a phone call. Mohan gets address of NGO. He watches NGO video. Piyu returns and asks him to stay away from these kind of videos. He lies to her he opened by mistake and leaves from there.

Aryaman learns that Kundan left for his project meeting alone. He tells Ketan that Kundan is angry at him so he will handle other projects. Ketan leaves from there. Krishna gives medicine to Aryaman. Aryaman tells her that he is fine. She tells her that he will feel uncomfortable if he don’t apply medicine then. He tells her that he will apply later. She asks him to apply it now because he won’t do it later. He tries to apply but fails.

She offers to help him. He removes his shirt. She asks him to close his eyes and she will close her eyes too. He asks her that how she will apply if she closed her eyes then. She tells him that she can manage it. She close her eyes and applies medicine. He sees this. He tells sorry to her because Rajshri did not allow her to attend the puja. Krishna says that she is not family member so it’s okay.

Ananya orders prasad from hotel. She tells Dhaniya to go to hotel and collect prasad. She decides to act like making prasad. Krishna tells Mohan to not go out to attend the puja. Dhaniya brings prasad and drops it on the floor by mistake. She puts prasad in the bowl again and goes to the kitchen. Krishna sees this. Srijila praises Ananya for ordering prasad from hotel. Krishna hears this.

Episode ends.

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