Krishna Mohini 31st May 2024 Written Update: Rajshri orders Aryaman to send Mohan to Dwarka

Krishna Mohini 31st May 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with media reporters questions Krishna. One of the reporter asks Krishna that whether she trapped Aryaman. Aryaman asks what kind of question is this. Krishna thinks how can she answer when she herself think she don’t deserve Aryaman. Media reporters asks Krishna to answer. Aryaman tells them that it’s not matter how and why marriage happened. He says that Krishna is his wife now and that’s it. One of the Media reporter asks Krishna to tell about her journey. She says that they need answer in English for English channel.

Aryaman asks Krishna to not answer and relax. Krishna thinks that she can’t speak in English. She asks why English is special. She says that her brother studies in English medium and she can’t speak in English still their bond is strong and special. And says that language don’t matter in relationship. Aryaman gets impressed with Krishna’s answer. Krishna makes Media reporters laugh with her answer. She says that every girl dreams about marriage and husband but she did not had time to dream about it. One of the media reporter asks Krishna that whether she think she can mingle with Aryaman’s family.

Srijila asks Ananya that why the latter is doing all this. She says that Ananya deserves a prince and she will find prince for her daughter. Ananya tells Srijila that she loves Aryaman. Kundan tells Ananya that Aryaman got married to Krishna. Ananya tells him that that’s loveless marriage. She reveals that she talked to lawyer and lawyer will bring divorce papers. She says that Aryaman loves her. Srijila asks Ananya that whether the can’t see Aryaman and Krishna has feelings for each other. Ananya warns Srijila to not try to come in between her and Aryaman. She says that Krishna is villian in her and Aryaman’s love story and leaves from there.

Krishna sings a bhajan. Aryaman recalls that how he met her first time. Everyone claps. Sid thinks that Krishna became heroine. Ananya thinks that Krishna became star. Aryaman praises about Krishna to media reporters. Everyone hears glass breaking sound. Drunk Mohan dances. Kundan gets angry seeing this. Aryaman tells Krishna that Mohan is drunk. Krishna says that Mohan is kid. Srijila asks Sid that whether he is behind it. Sid asks her to enjoy it. Krishna tells Mohan to stop it and she slaps Mohan. She tells him to go inside. Mohan goes inside. Everyone leaves from there except family.

Kundan goes inside angrily. Rajshri tells Aryaman that Krishna and Mohan will bring problems only for them. She goes inside. Kundan scolds Sid for arranging press conference. Srijila tells Kundan that it’s Mohan who did drama. Aryaman tells Kundan that bad news won’t be published tomorrow. Srijila says that it’s time for Kakkars and Mehta’s separation. Kundan agrees with Srijila. Rajshri says that Mohan did wrong so they will send Mohan to Dwarka. Aryaman goes to Krishna’s room and he sees Mohan dancing happily. Krishna gets shocked seeing Aryaman there.

Episode ends.

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