Krishna Mohini 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Ananya decides to take revenge on Krishna

Krishna Mohini 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Krishna understands that Ananya ordered food from outside because she don’t know to cook. She wonders why Dhaniya is not telling Ananya that food fell on the ground. She thinks that they can’t use this food as bhog. She recalls that how Rajshri told her to not make bhog. She cooks food to save family reputation.

Later, everyone sits for puja. Rajshri tells Ananya that the latter is lucky that’s why she got chance to cook bhog for Lord Krishna. Srijila asks where is Krishna. Rajshri says that she told Krishna to not come for puja. Aryaman tells his mother that she should allow Krishna to attend the puja because Krishna is big devotee of Lord Krishna. Ananya says that this puja for family members so no need to call Krishna. Aryaman says that just devotion matters not status or anything else. Priest says that they should begin the puja. He asks them to bring bhog.

Krishna decides to exchange the bhog plate and goes to the kitchen. But Ananya takes the plate from the kitchen before Krishna exchanges it. Priest says that there is mud in the bhog. Rajshri asks Ananya that how it happened. Ananya says that everything must be Dhaniya’s mistake. Piya asks Dhaniya that how it’s Dhaniya’s mistake when Ananya cooked bhog.

Ananya says that she ordered food from outside and it’s Dhaniya who brought it. Everyone gets shocked hearing this. Priest gets angry hearing this. Rajshri asks Ananya that why the latter did this. Ananya says that she tried to cook bhog but she don’t know cooking. She adds that she wanted to see Rajshri and Aryaman happy. She asks Dhaniya that what happened. Dhaniya tells everything to Ananya.

Priest says that this puja can’t get complete now. Aryaman comes from inside and tells Priest that puja will get completed. Krishna brings bhog plate. Aryaman holds Krishna’s hand and takes her to house temple. He tells Krishna to give bhog plate to Priest. He reveals that Krishna cooked this food and he saw that. He tells everything to Rajshri.

Meghna tauntingly says that Aryaman and Krishna jodi is best. Rajshri says that they won’t use this bhog. Isha tells Rajshri that Krishna is saving the puja so Rajshri should praise Krishna. Anshuman agrees with Isha. Priest says that Krishna is daughter in law of Rajshri so it’s good. Srijila tells Priest to start the aarti.

Puja begins. Priest says that Lord Krishna accepted the bhog. Aryaman praises Krishna. Ananya decides to take revenge on Krishna for the insult.

Later, Dhaniya burns maid Latha’s hand deliberately. She suggests to make Krishna cook for few days. Aryaman says that they will hire new cook. Rajshri says that she won’t let Krishna cook. Krishna says that she don’t have any problem to cook for few days. Ananya says that Krishna cooked in Dwarka. Aryaman says that Krishna is his wife now so she won’t cook. Krishna convinces Aryaman. Rajshri says that she won’t eat Krishna’s handmade food and goes inside.

Episode ends.

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