Krishna Mohini 4th June 2024 Written Update: Krishna becomes maid due to Ananya

Krishna Mohini 4th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan asks Krishna that why she agreed to cook when she is not maid. Krishna tells Mohan that he did not said like this when she cooked for him and Rajesh. He tells her that Dwarka house was her house. He asks her that whether she accepted this house as her house and Aryaman as her husband. She tells him that Aryaman did so much for them so she is doing something to repay.

Next day, Krishna wakes Mohan up. She reminds Mohan that it’s his college first day. She asks Lord Krishna to take care of Mohan. She says that Mohan will meet new people in the college and she hope Mohan don’t choose wrong path. Dhaniya tells Krishna that Kundan’s guests are coming so the latter has to cook for them too.

Krishna goes to the kitchen. She searches flour and tries to take it. She is about to fall down but Aryaman helps her. They shares an eye lock. He asks her to be careful. She asks him that whether he want anything. He tells her that he want coffee. She tells him that she will bring. He says that he will prepare his coffee. She asks him to drink her handmade coffee and he won’t find better coffee than that. He uses coffee maker to prepare coffee. He teaches her how to do it. He asks her that whether she really want to cook for everyone. She tells him that she likes to cook for her loved ones.

Srijila invites Mr and Mrs patel. Mr Patel tells congratulations to Aryaman for the marriage. Mrs Patel asks where is Ananya because she could not attend the marriage. Ananya comes there and asks Mrs Patel that why the latter did not come for their marriage. She asks them to freshen up and come for breakfast.

Aryaman asks Ananya that why she lied. Ananya says that she did that to save the family reputation. Aryaman asks how Krishna will feel. Ananya tells him that Krishna will understand. Later, Mr and Mrs Patel talks about Aryaman and Ananya’s couple. Mrs Patel asks about Krishna. Her son says that he did not know Mehta’s maid is beautiful. Aryaman gets angry hearing this. Ananya tells Krishna to serve coffee. Krishna spills coffee on Mr Patel coat by mistake. Ritesh scolds Krishna. Aryaman tells Ritesh to apologize to Krishna. Ritesh says that he is scolding this house maid.

Mohan comes there and says that his sister is not maid of this house. Krishna tells Mohan to stop it. She takes him from there. She gives tiffin to him. She asks Aryaman to not drop Mohan. Aryaman tells her that he know she is angry at him but he tried to tell the truth. She tells him that they will be together for 6 months only so these things don’t matter. She says that she is just maid for Aryaman. He tells her that she is not maid. She asks him that who is she for him.

Episode ends.

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