Krishna Mohini 5th June 2024 Written Update: Ananya stops Aryaman from supporting Krishna

Krishna Mohini 5th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode begins with Krishna tells Aryaman that she know he can’t do anything and he need not to do anything because they will be together for 6 months only. She says that Aryaman need not to fight with his family for her. Aryaman asks her that can’t she hear what he is saying. She tells him that she is just maid. He tells her that she is not maid. She asks him that who is she for him. She says that she can take care of Mohan. She asks Piya to drive the car. Aryaman says that he will drive the car. He tells Krishna that he know to fulfill his responsibility.

Ananya goes to Aryaman’s room and tells Aryaman that they will go to play and have dinner. Srijila comes there and taunts Ananya. Ananya says that Aryaman is in the bathroom. Srijila tells Ananya that Aryaman is not in the bathroom. She reveals that Aryaman went to college for Mohan’s admission. She says that Aryaman don’t say it but he accepted Krishna as his wife. She reminds her daughter that the latter is plastic surgeon. She asks Ananya to focus on her career.

Ananya runs to the door and calls Aryaman. She falls down and screams. She asks him to take her to her room. Krishna tells Aryaman that she will go to college with Piya. Aryaman takes Ananya inside. Piya tells Krishna that they are late. They leaves from there.

Srijila wonders whether Ananya is acting. She tells Sid to go to hospital with Ananya. She asks Aryaman to go to college. Ananya says that she will go to hospital with Aryaman only. Aryaman says that he has to go to college because Krishna can’t manage alone. Meghna says that Mohan may create problem in the college too. Anshuman agrees with Meghna. Aryaman says that Mohan is his responsibility.

Later, Doctor examines Ananya and says that there is no fracture. Aryaman says that he has an important meeting. Anshuman tells Aryaman that Kundan and Sid will go for meeting. Ananya asks Aryaman to have lunch with her.

Krishna reaches the college with Mohan and Piya. Mohan gets surprised seeing big college. Krishna asks Mohan to forget the past. She tells him to just focus on studies. One lecturer enters the college. Two students gossips that lecturer history.

Piya tells Aryaman that Krishna is with Mohan and almost work is done. Aryaman asks Piya to stay with Krishna always. Piya tells him that Mohan can attend the class today. Aryaman tells her that he will send car for Krishna. Piya tells everything to Krishna. Krishna says that she will stay in the college until Mohan’s classes gets over. Piya says that Aryaman also stayed with her on her first day college. Krishna tells Mohan to study well. Piya takes Mohan from there. Krishna tells thanks to Lord Krishna. She realises that she is hungry and decides to go to canteen. She sees Aryaman there and wonders what is he doing there.

Episode ends.

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