Krishna Mohini 6th June 2024 Written Update: Krishna learns about Anuradha transformation

Krishna Mohini 6th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode begins with Krishna sees Aryaman in the college and wonders whether he came to pick her up. She realises that she is hallucinating Aryaman everywhere. She says that she should not have fought with Aryaman. In the canteen, Sid tells his friend to keep an eye on Mohan. He shows Mohan’s photo to his friend.

Dhaniya gives the food which Krishna cooked to Ananya. Aryaman says that he told Dhaniya to bring this because they can’t waste this food. Ananya sends Dhaniya to bring the desert she ordered. She says that they should start their dinner date. She tells Aryaman that they should start the preparations for their marriage from now on. And says that this time marriage should happen in Mumbai.

Aryaman tells her that they have six months. She tells him that they will get married on his divorce day. She stands on her legs when Dhaniya was about to pour water on her by mistake. She scolds Dhaniya. Aryaman looks at Ananya’s legs. Ananya realises that she is standing well and pretends like she is in pain. She sends Dhaniya from there and sits on the bed.

Piya takes Mohan to his class room. Mohan collides with a girl and he apologizes to her. That girl smiles at Mohan and goes to her seat. Piya introduces Mohan to students. She asks them to help Mohan, not rag. She leaves from there. Lecturer Anuradha comes there.

Krishna learns that fashion show will happen and Anuradha is head of that show. Students gossips about Anuradha. Krishna overhears their conversation. She wonders who is Anuradha. Students talks about Anuradha’s surgery. Krishna hears this and sees Anuradha’s photo. She realises that Anuradha is in fashion department. She wonders what if Mohan gets influenced because of Anuradha. She decides to keep Mohan away from Anuradha.

Student shows a man photo to Mohan. He says that Anuradha was Anurag. He adds that Anuradha became woman from man. Mohan gets shocked hearing this. Two students badmouth about Anuradha. Mohan says that maybe Anuradha felt suffocated to live as man. Those students asks Mohan that whether Mohan want to become a girl. Mohan shook his head. He says that he saw few videos. One student says that they should not judge Anuradha because she did what she felt right.

Mohan decides to talk to Anuradha alone. He thinks that Anuradha will understand him. Class gets over. Everyone leaves from there except Mohan and Anuradha. Mohan asks Anuradha that why she became woman. Anuradha tells Mohan that she felt suffocated in man body that’s why she became woman. She asks him that whether he want to know about the procedure. Mohan nods at her.

Krishna tries to go inside but Security guards stops her. So she barges inside. She drags Mohan from there and tells him that he can’t study there. Piya hears this and she calls Aryaman. Aryaman leaves from Ananya’s room. Ananya tries to stop him. Everyone reaches the hall and sees Ananya standing well.

Krishna says that weird people is in the collage. Mohan tells her that she is doing wrong. She drags him from there.

Episode ends.

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