Krishna Mohini 7th June 2024 Written Update: Mohan tells his final decision to Krishna

Krishna Mohini 7th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode begins with Aryaman asks Ananya that whether the latter did all this drama to stop him from going with Krishna and Mohan. Srijila asks Ananya that what’s the need of all this drama. Ananya says that she is not acting and she is in pain still. Aryaman asks her to stop acting. He says that he agreed for everything which Ananya told him to do because he felt guilty. He says that he is not understanding why Ananya is playing these games. He tries to leave from there.

Ananya tells him that she won’t let him go. Srijila reminds Ananya that Krishna ia Aryaman’s wife and Krishna needs him. Ananya asks Aryaman that will he worry about Krishna after divorcing her. She says that she won’t let Aryaman go no matter what. Rajshri tells Aryaman that Ananya is doing all this because Ananya loves him. She asks him to not go. But Aryaman leaves from there.

On the other hand, Piya asks Krishna that why the latter is behaving like this. Krishna tells Piya that this college is not good for Mohan. Anuradha asks Krishna to listen Mohan atleast. Krishna asks Anuradha to not interfere in this matter. She says that Mohan is her brother and she know what she is doing.

Aryaman comes there and asks Krishna that why she is doing drama. Krishna tells Aryaman that she can’t afford college fees that’s why. He tells her that they talked about it already. Piya tells Aryaman that this is so embracing. Aryaman takes them from there.

Kundan wonders why Ananya is not picking the call. Srijila says that Ananya is not kid. Rajshri says that Aryaman did wrong. Srijila says that Aryaman supported his wife and Ananya has to understand this. Aryaman brings Krishna, Mohan and Piya. Rajshri scolds Krishna for doing drama in the college. Meghna says that she already said Mohan don’t deserve to go to that big college.

Krishna says that she don’t want Mohan to study in that college. Aryaman tells her that let Mohan decide what he want to do. Piya says that Mohan was really excited. Aryaman says that Mohan will go to college tomorrow and goes inside. Rajshri asks Aryaman that why he is adamant in this matter. Aryaman tells her that Mohan is also his responsibility. Rajshri says that if Bharat was there then he would have explained everything to Aryaman. Aryaman tells her that Bharat did not understand his own responsibility. Rajshri gets shocked hearing this.

Mohan tells Krishna that his dream can become true. He asks her to talk to Anuradha once. Krishna says that that won’t happen. She tells Mohan to tell Aryaman he won’t go to that college. Mohan says that he will go to that college and it’s his final decision. Sid comes there and overhears their conversation. He decides to find out the secret.

Ananya goes to Aryaman’s room. Aryaman tells her to leave from there because he don’t want to talk to her now. He says that he have headache. She gives the things which she brought for Mohan and leaves from there. She goes to Krishna and says that she is proud of Krishna. She says that Aryaman loves to interfere in others matters. She asks Krishna to not let Aryaman do that.

Sid tells Mohan that he understands how the latter is feeling because even his father don’t understand him. He thinks that he will turn Mohan against Krishna.

Episode ends.

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