Krishna Mohini 8th June 2024 Written Update: Krishna feeds food forcefully to Aryaman

Krishna Mohini 8th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sid tells Mohan that he understands what the latter is feeling now because Kundan also behaves like this way with him. Mohan tells Sid that it’s just Krishna is not understanding his problem. Sid asks what is Mohan’s problem. Mohan says that Krishna thinks he will be spoiled if he studied with rich kids then. Sid thinks that Mohan is hiding something for sure. He asks Mohan to not change the college if the latter don’t want then. He says that Krishna has rights on Aryaman’s money so she should not worry about money. He adds that Krishna will ruin Mohan’s life. Mohan tells Sid that Krishna is not like that. He says that he overreacted and goes inside.

Later, Aryaman sees Mohan making sorry card for Krishna. He tells Mohan that he brought jalebis for Krishna. He says that he don’t want to force Mohan for anything. Mohan tells Aryaman that he want to go to that college. Aryaman says that he is not understanding why Krishna is against this college. Mohan tells Aryaman that Krishna don’t want to become burden that’s it. Aryaman says that he cares about Mohan’s future only because that’s what Krishna’s wish. He gives new phone and clothes to Mohan. Mohan tells thanks to Aryaman.

Krishna comes there and scolds Aryaman for giving expensive things to Mohan. Aryaman tells her that Ananya brought these for Mohan. She returns the things to him. Mohan tells Krishna that Aryaman was just helping him. Krishna asks him to don’t be greedy. She tells Aryaman to let her and Mohan live the way they want. Aryaman leaves from there. Ananya smirks. Mohan thinks that Krishna has been changed and she don’t want to understand anyone.

After some time, Piya drags Aryaman to dining hall. Aryaman says that he is not hungry. Piya tells him that Krishna cooked tasty food. Aryaman tauntingly says that food is not tasty. Krishna mixes chilly sauce on Aryaman’s food deliberately. Aryaman coughs and leaves from there. Ananya says that seems like food is not good so she will order from outside. Srijila tells Ananya that food is good, but Aryaman’s mood is off. Krishna asks Mohan to eat food. Mohan asks her to agree to talk to Anuradha. She refuses to talk to Anuradha. He tells her that he won’t eat it. She leaves from there.

Krishna takes food to Aryaman room. She asks him that whether he is kid. Aryaman tells her that he don’t want to eat. She tells him that she has to take care of him even though it’s six month relationship. He asks her that why she cares about him when he can’t care about her and Mohan. He says that he don’t know what Krishna mixed in the food this time. She tells sorry to him. She feeds food to him forcefully.

Mohan tells himself that he is hungry. Sid gives pizza to Mohan. He asks Mohan to have dinner in his room with his friends. He takes Mohan from there. They sees Krishna feeding food to Aryaman. Sid tells Mohan that Krishna don’t care about Mohan.

Episode ends.

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