Krishna Mohini 9th June 2024 Written Update: Aryaman asks Krishna about her problems

Krishna Mohini 9th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Krishna feeds food to Aryaman forcefully. Sid and Mohan sees this. Sid tells Mohan that Krishna don’t care about Mohan now. He takes Mohan from there. Krishna tells sorry to Aryaman. She says that she used to feed food to Mohan like this. Aryaman asks Krishna that whether he is Mohan. She tells him to eat food. He tells thanks to her because he was hungry. She smiles and leaves from there. He also smiles.

Mohan sees Sid’s friends drinking and dancing. Sid introduces Mohan to his friends. He gives burger to Mohan. He asks his friend to do something. His friend’s dances with Mohan but Mohan pushes the former. Sid tells Mohan that his friend was just dancing with the latter. Mohan says that he don’t like girls. Sid gets shocked hearing this. Mohan says that he don’t like clingy girls.

Krishna decides to give sandwich to Mohan also. She sees all this and enters Sid’s room. She asks Mohan that what is he doing there. Sid tells her that he brought Mohan there to give food. Krishna takes Mohan from there. Sid thinks that his doubt is keep increasing.

Krishna packs the luggage. Mohan asks Krishna that what the latter is doing. She tells him that they can’t live there. She says that soon Mohan may tell everything to Sid. He tells her that Sid is his friend. She says that she can’t let Aryaman face insult because of Mohan. He tells her that he won’t go anywhere because he is not doing anything wrong. He asks her to see how Anuradha is living. She threatens to commit suicide if Mohan don’t listen her then. She takes him from there with the luggage. She hides with him behind sofa after seeing Sid. Sid notices that flower vase fell down and he goes inside.

Krishna leaves the house with Mohan. Aryaman catches them red-handed. Kundan scolds Krishna. Krishna says that she don’t want to live there. Srijila says that they will face insults if media reporters learnt about it then. Aryaman asks Krishna that why she took this decision. Meghna checks Krishna’s bag. She says that Krishna would have stole something. Aryaman asks Meghna to stop. Krishna says that she is not theif. Aryaman scolds Meghna and sends her from there. He asks Krishna that what is all this.

Krishna tells him that she and Mohan are becoming burden for him. He tells her that that’s not true. He says that Krishna can’t go anywhere. He orders Mohan to keep the bag in the room. He takes Krishna to his room. He asks her to tell what’s bothering her and what is she hiding from him. He says that he will understand Krishna’s problems. Krishna asks him that why he will understand her. He asks her that whether it’s bothering her that he signed on the divorce papers. She accepts that it’s paining her.

Episode ends.

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