Krishna Mohini: Ananya to plan Aryaman and Krishna’s divorce!

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In the Colors TV show Krishna Mohini, Rajshri will tell Aryaman to send Mohan to Dwarka. What will be Aryaman’s decision? To know more check out below.

Earlier it’s seen that, Ananya got jealous seeing Aryaman and Krishna’s dance rehearsal. She exchanged make-up bottle without anyone knowledge. Later, Ananya learnt that Krishna did not apply make-up. Sid announced that Kakkars and Mehta’s accepted Krishna as part of the family wholeheartedly.

Krishna and Aryaman danced together on Tum kya mile song. Ananya got angry seeing this and she broke the glass and left from there. Kundan treated Ananya’s injury. He told her to forget Aryaman. But Ananya refused. Other side, Sid spiked Mohan’s juice.

In the upcoming episode, Media reporters will question Krishna and they will expect Krishna to answer in English. Aryaman will tell them that Krishna is his wife now, and nothing else matters.

He will ask Krishna to not answer. But Krishna will explain that English is not special and language don’t matter in relationships. She will sing bhajan. Aryaman will recall that how he saw her first time. Media reporters will clap for Krishna.

Other side, Srijila will tell Ananya that she will find prince for her daughter. Ananya will warn her mother to not come in between her and Aryaman. She will reveal that she talked to lawyer about Aryaman and Krishna’s divorce.

Drunk Mohan will dance. Krishna will slap Mohan. Later, Srijila will suggest Kakkars and Mehta’s separation. Kundan will agree with her. Rajshri will say that Mohan did mistake so he will be punished. She will order Aryaman to send Mohan to Dwarka. Aryaman will go to Krishna’s room and he will see Mohan dancing happily.

Will Aryaman scold Mohan?

How Krishna will react now?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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