Krishna Mohini: Aryaman lashes out at Ananya for Targetting Mohan, Draws the Line till Divorce

Krishna Mohini: Mohan feels Humiliated with Krishna’s Behaviour

Colors TV’S popular hit show Krishna Mohini is all set to keep it’s audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama. The show is going to witness many interesting twists and turns.

Krishna is very happy for Mohan that he is how going to be with someone who has managed to gain a lot through her experience.

Krishna gets shocked as she learns that Anuradha is no one but a Transgender. She gets Furious and feels bad not wanting her to be near Mohan.

Mohan is Happy knowing that there is someone like that. He now wants to know everything about this and wants to know the procedure.

Krishna creates Ruckus

Mohan waits toll the Time is over and talks with Aradhana. He shares his thoughts as well but Krishna comes there and drags him with her.

Krishna created a ruckus there with her behaviour while Mohan feels very Humiliated with her behaviour. He denies to go with her while Krishna is adamant.

Mohan tells Krishna that she is being wrong while Piya gets irritated with her behaviour and calls Aryaman. Krishna Humiliated Anuradha. Mohan feels Humiliated. Aryaman comes to the Rescue.

Aryaman lashes out at Ananya for Targetting Mohan. He calls her out for her insecurities. He then draws line between them before the Divorce happens.

What will Happen Next?

What will Krishna do?

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