Krishna Mohini: Aryaman to stay with Krishna over Ananya, Mohan to experience Bullying in College

Krishna Mohini: Aryaman decides to fulfill the Responsibility, Ananya hurts herself to Stop Aryaman

Colors TV’S popular hit show Krishna Mohini is all set to keep it’s audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama. The show is going to witness many interesting twists and turns.

Krishna tells Aryaman that she will take Mohan with her to the College. She tells him not to worry about them as she can take up his Responsibility.

Aryaman tells her that he never runs away from his Responsibilities to which Krishna tells him that they are Married only for Six Months and denies to let him help her.

Aryaman asks her whether she doesn’t understand what he is trying to tell her. He is adamant to go with her but she is adamant in her stance as well.

Aryaman goes to College for Krishna

Srijila let’s Ananya know that Aryaman has already accepted Krishna as his Wife but Ananya doesn’t hear her. She deliberately falls and pretends to be in Pain to stop Aryaman from leaving with Krishna.

Srijila is sure that Ananya is pretending and she says that she will look after her but Ananya asks Aryaman only to take her to the Hospital which he does.

Aryaman tells Ananya that he has an important work and leaves to stay with Krishna in the College even when Ananya requests him for a Lunch.

Aryaman even after Krishna asks him to Leave doesn’t go from the College and stays with her. He chooses to stay with Krishna and fulfill his Responsibility instead of being with Ananya. Mohan to experience Bullying in College.

What will Happen Next?

What will Ananya do to keep Aryaman with her?

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