Krishna Mohini: Krishna and Aryaman’s Kitchen Romance, Ananya vows to get the Divorce Finalised

Krishna Mohini: Aryaman takes stand for Krishna, Rajshri denies to accept Krishna

Colors TV’S popular hit show Krishna Mohini is all set to keep it’s audience hooked to their screens with it’s high voltage drama. The show is going to witness many interesting twists and turns.

Krishna sees that Ananya is taking the Bhog that dhairya dropped on the floor and decides to make Bhog by herself not wanting such a Bhog to be served to The God.

Srijila asks where is Krishna as they all sit in the Puja Temple to which Rajisro tells her that she has forbid Krishna from entering into the Temple.

Aryaman tells her that she has done a mistake because Krishna is an ardent Devotee of Lord Krishna. He then gets upset as she denies to accept Krishna anywhere near them.

Aryaman sits with Krishna in the Puja

The Priest gets shocked as he sees that there is mud in the Bhog and lashes out at them. Ananya blames Dhairya for it.

Rajishri asks her as to what she is talking about to which Ananya tells her that she failed to make the Bhog hence she asked him to bring it from Hotel. She had no choice.

Aryaman brings the Bhog that Krishna made to which Rajishri denies to have it in the Puja but Aryaman takes stand for her and makes her sit with him.

Krishna and Aryaman Romance in the Kitchen while Aryaman makes Krishna nervous with his closeness. Ananya vows to get the Divorce happen at all costs.

What will Happen Next?

Will Aryaman Succeed?

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